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If you thought Master of the Wind was too linear, this is the game for you.

15 years after the events of that game, a gentle young man named Bradley Lamorak begins his first year at the prestigious Gallian Academy. Meanwhile, a young woman named Peri leaves the remote Nuntak Isle to seek the truth about her mysterious family history at Gallia's branch of the Midnight Guild. The two meet and become friends just as tensions are escalating between the guild's necromancers and the city authorities. Will the city plunge into conflict once again? Can Bradley and Peri master the magical arts quickly enough to make a difference? Are they ready for the ugly truths about Solest's history?

Legacy is a (semi) open world game that combines day-to-day life as a student of the Academy (much like the Sacred River Monastery portion of MotW) with free-roaming exploration of the continent of Euthenia. Go to class, practice your magic and weapons, recruit your classmates and get out into the world!

Some features!
  • Bradley's elemental magic and weapon of choice are selected by the player! In MotW, the elemental affinities of the characters played a significant role in the story and thus were predetermined. Not so this time, at least with Bradley. Peri is a dark mage but players will have some control over her studies as well.

  • Six schools of magic - Fire, Water, Lightning, Ice, Earth or Wind!

  • Six potential weapons to fight with - Sword, Spear, Bow/Gun, Mace, Axe or Brawler style!

  • Choose which classmates to adventure with each day! Build friendships that will lead to unique scenes and quests!

  • Combine your new spells with those of your classmates for strong combo attacks!

  • Keep track of quests, lore, people, places and other information with Bradley's extensive journal. Kid's a real bookworm.

  • A simple time passage system that determines how far you can wander each day. Pay for carriage rides to get more out of your time or save some money and take a walk. Explore the enormous city of Gallia and numerous regions of the wilderness!

  • No random encounters! Monsters appear on the map and most of them regenerate each day!

  • Lots of conditional branches. Like...LOTS of them!

Keep an eye on the blog for more detailed information. Welcome back to Solest!

Latest Blog

Legacy in 2023

Since the Halloween release, I've mostly been mapping. There will be at least two, possibly three, new wilderness areas for the next build (whenever that is). I doubt much more will get done until the holidays are over, I typically have to resign myself to the fact that December is just too busy for a lot of game making, so it seems appropriate to just get the year-end post out there.

After the discovery Bradley and Peri made on Day 10, Bradley decides to try and consult a handful of influential people across Euthenia to try and find out more. These will be the first quests that can only be completed within a limited time frame (probably five days) but they are still optional and there's no direct penalty for not doing it, you just miss out on some information.

The major addition in terms of gameplay will be the specializations. I've talked about it briefly before and I might do a post getting into it deeper at some point, but this is where Bradley and the others will advance to the next level of their magic studies and pick one of two paths to follow. Each specialization has its own quirks and you'll have an opportunity to read about them all (and write about them in the journal) before having to make a decision. You can also influence the decisions of classmates that you've spent a lot of time with.

That should all keep me pretty busy! I'll end with a screenshot from the Great Swamp, a challenging wetlands area filled with tough enemies and remnants of an ancient civilization. Peace bros!


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More like Misao Stealing Prince
Gosh, look at that old art in that title screen! :P

I am really glad you posted it here and let me know if there's any way I can help out! I'm really excited for it.
Great to see this up after so many years. I honestly can't remember, did I finish all the scripts you needed for this? If I didn't get in touch.
You did, although there were a few issues that came up with implementation. I'll write up a summary of what's going on and get in touch with you on Discord. Thanks!
Appreciate the enthusiasm, but there's no demo yet. I have a fair amount of work to do in order for the game to be ready...at least for someone who won't know how everything works. I'd imagine a few weeks if everything goes really well.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Let's go Volrath! <3
Got any Dexreth amulets?
I didn't really dare hope to see this game come out one day. This is awesome!

Considering that without Master of the Wind, I might never have joined RMN in the first place... Yeah, this is enough to make me come back out of hiding after almost a year of inactivity.

Time to re-engage fanboy mode. Best of success on this new project, Volrath!
will there be skill combination with weapons and magic and will there be skill upgrades so that skills can be more powerful and require less mp and will there be a name change feature so u don't have to use Bradley will there also be a way to date other characters
Hmm a lot of questions in a short amount of time, I'll go through them one by one.

Weapon and Magic combination skills - Yes, they are very powerful TP skills you learn at the Institute of Weapons. For now there's only one per combination, which already took quite a while given that there are 36 possible matches.

Skill Upgrades - Currently not planning on that. It's hard to judge the need for those since the game hasn't been tested much. I think it will take some experience seeing players progress in the game before I get a good sense of whether that's necessary.

Name Change - No, that's something I avoid with my stuff. It's annoying to do dialogue that way and all it really does is give people a chance to name the main character "Dickboi" or something similar.

Dating Classmates - Not really. I have to be careful explaining this or it could turn into an essay, but instead of an official romance, I'd rather give the possibility of a deep connection and bond between characters. I feel like I needed that at Bradley's age, but I missed out because I was single-mindedly focused on getting a girlfriend so that maybe other kids would stop picking on me. I had a couple girlfriends towards the end of high school and spoiler alert, they still did. That said, there are some moments that could be still seen as romantic. Later in the game the Academy holds an annual ball and you can ask one of your classmates to go with you.

Thanks for your interest!

will there be instead like advance lessons where you can get more powerful skills, will there be like a reputation system the better your reputation is the more spells you can use, are you only allowed one magic class and i think passive skills would be kind of cool but if you do the passive skills dont make them to powerful well the name is not important because u can choose 6 different classes and weapon choices bradley is probably not a name i would use but it seems like a great game kinda wish there are skill books and a mission center with having like some repeatable events and the tougher the mission the better the rewards
Advanced Lessons - You are limited to one school of magic, but in the second act of the game you choose one of two possible specializations in whatever element you've chosen. This unlocks a whole new tree of skills.

Passive Skills - They're not quite "skills" but magic does have passive impacts on the character. There are different parameter curves for each element that typically emphasize one stat. Fire Mage Bradley will have the highest attack, Wind gives more agility, Earth more defense, etc.

No skill books, the concept would conflict with the lore in the other Solest games regarding magic and how it is learned.

Mission Center - I assume you mean like an Adventurer's Guild? I've considered doing something like that outside the city in a more rugged region like the Badlands. It will be a while before I get to that, however.
will there be healing spells per each class and if you choose a weapon will u be locked with that weapon and could you also make it so that if you get a weapon you can upgrade it with materials and will there be class explanations where you will know which skills you learn evenutually
No matter which element you pick, you get a healing spell. Your classmates get them too so you'll never be without them. If you join a guild, you can learn more advanced healing.

The weapon choice is permanent. You don't upgrade weapons with materials, but there are materials you can take to a certain blacksmith who will forge you a new weapon. You have to pay a labor fee but it's still much cheaper than getting them at a store.

The skill trees are visible very early on in the game so you'll know what you will eventually be learning.
cool will there be different guilds you can join and if u do will it be based on elements and will you be able to buy a house that you can upgrade and where you can invite friends over and could you put in a grade system where if you fail to many times your out and also having tournaments where you fight a few people in a row the more times you win the better your grades
Yes, there are guilds for each of the elements Bradley can choose (and the Midnight Guild for Peri and dark magic). However, the cost of becoming a member is pretty steep so the players will have to save their gold for a while. It's unlikely anyone will be able to get enough just in the demo, but we'll see.

Bradley is awfully young to be buying a house, especially if he can't even afford guild membership! I'm not totally sure what you mean by the "grade system," there may be some sort of tournament later since that would probably be a fun diversion but it won't impact Bradley's actual schooling.
like ranking the lower your rank the least stuff you can get and can you become a guild leader regardless of age and will there be a dorm and for dorms could there be upgrades so people can customize and could your outfit be based on element like your outfit fire red, water blue, ice grey, lightning yellow, wind green, earth brown
No dorms on the Academy campus, all the students still live at home. I don't have different costumes for the main characters but the guild members do wear color-coded robes.

Are you currently working on a game? It seems like you have a lot of ideas.
no i prefer to play games i get pretty bored playing the usual games where you go on a quest to save the world or something along those lines will there also be multiple endings that would be kind of cool like u decide good evil or neutral plus i only like giving ideas i know it takes time to finish this masterpiece and will there be familiars
Multiple Endings? For now, I have only the vaguest idea of an ending in mind and it will be some time before I get to that point, if ever. I'll look at how the rest of the game has turned out before I make decisions about an ending or endings.

Familiars? Hmm...there is one character that MIGHT be considered a familiar but to give any more information would be a spoiler.
bless rpgmaker cola for that podcast!. Motw is one of those games that make me come back and check rmn if there is something new on the horizon for solest.

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