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This game is just a demo and I doubt it will be ever fully completed. If I had started this when I was a student, I would have had the time to finish it. If anyone else want to use the assets from this project, please go ahead. If you want to implement a feature from this project in your own game, you can pm me.

You play a young member of a lost tribe in a world where dangerous magical creatures and disease has wiped out almost all human civilisation. Your village elder has asked you to seek out his son who has conducted necromantic rituals and is seeking to re-create lost empires of the past. The civilisations that dominate the planet are the angels, demons, druids and kobolds - you don't see much of these guys in the demo.

The engine used is the RPG maker XP engine. This version of the RPG maker had the best scripts written for it in my opinion. I don't know if later versions would support mode7 and an action battle system.

+ Mode7 3D
+ Blizzard ABS action battle system
+ Survival system: sleep, food, water and temperature
+ Ability to build and move furniture in your house
+ Scripts for mining, wood cutting, fire making and fishing
+ 8 crafting skills
+ Followers that you can talk to
+ Crime system for each faction

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/Have you not posted the game file yet or am I just blind? It sounds interesting to play.
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