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Imagine this: You're a teenager who just woke up on a beautiful summer day, but then you're told that all sorts of things are happening. The universe is falling apart, volcanoes are erupting, reactors are melting down...

What else could possibly go wrong?! Because you have nothing better to do, you decide to investigate these unusual claims.

I was partially inspired by a game that used to be on this website. Upon seeing the shoddy work I did, I was inspired to remake the game. Many maps had to be redone due to the perspective change, but in the end, I feel it was worth it. This game was created for the Release Maker Birthday event. And this is my first time using RPG Maker MZ outside of the trial event.

Once the game is done, there will be:
- Three party members
- More to the game*
- Brand new area types
- A higher difficulty compared to my previous games
- More monsters and a bestiary

*I added this because I know there will be some smart-alack who will ask me about it

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