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  • iddalai
  • 03/15/2021 06:11 PM
You can finally try out DEMINUTE 15! I hope you enjoy it!!

The complete game will feature 3 Characters/Classes to choose from, and the gameplay, bosses and even story will change for each!

Since DEMINUTE 15 is a game you can beat in a short time (notice the 15 minute limit), a demo with a small segment wouldn't make sense.

SO! The demo will allow you to play the full WARRIOR campaign from beginning to end in both difficulty settings!

Each character also has a difficulty rating associated with them, the WARRIOR being the easiest of the bunch (since he only needs to focus on HP, equipment and can brute force his way!).

The star rating shows how hard a Character/Class campaign is.

Maybe beating the game with all Characters/Classes in the finished game will unlock something...

The difficulty options change the number of times you can SAVE, how expensive everything is, your stats and how much time you have to complete the game.

There are two difficulty options:

> EASY - The graphics & music will be 16Bit-ish. Gameplay is... well, easy. You need to be speedy but can relax a bit and not over-think your decisions.

> HARD - The graphics & music will be 8Bit-ish. Gameplay is challenging! Get acquainted with the Game Over screen. Be as quick as possible, plan your routes taking into account treasure chests and enemy encounters, know where to spend your money and where to SAVE the game.

I recommend trying out EASY mode first to know what to expect before tackling HARD mode.

In the demo, both difficulty options will be fully playable, but since I haven't completely finished the 8Bit graphics & music yet, both options will have the same graphics & music (apart from the menu, timer and text boxes).


The original concept came from trying to make a game that played the fastest possible in RPG Maker 2003, within its limits.
This was around 2011 and back then I hadn't heard about Half-Minute Hero, so apart from the "time" theme, both games should be very different.

The download is somewhat large (130MB), that's because of the long MP3 files.
The official RPG Maker 2003 isn't compatible with OGG files, so I couldn't have CD quality music with loop points, my workaround was to make long MP3 files instead.
I am quite satisfied with how the music turned out! I did not compose it and mainly used musics from RTP and MIDI remixes from VIPRPG, but I still had to put a lot of work into it.

The maps look very straight and unnatural, but this was a conscious decision due to the quick nature of the game and how fast the player will need to traverse them without getting stuck on anything.
I even made it so that you continue moving if you hit a corner of a wall, much like in Phantasy Star 4.

Most of the game is streamlined, from shopping to battles.
At first it seems like battles are an afterthought since you can act before the enemies and kill most of them in one blow, but soon you start missing attacks or get back attacked and realize this is an endurance race, it's not the individual battles but the bulk of them that you need to survive.
Each battle spends more of your time, yet if you skip them then you can't beat the BOSS battles, so there's a balance.

While there is some randomness to the game, I tried to keep some of it controlled so it wasn't cheating.
One example is that only BOSS characters can inflict critical hits. BOSS characters are expected to be hard and you will probably think about saving before-hand.

However, when battling random enemies you get into the habit of letting your HP go as low as possible before healing (to conserve money/items), yet an unexpected critical hit by a random enemy could end a run prematurely and there's no way a player can plan against that.

The treasure chests have useful items (and some treasure chests have different contents depending on the Character/Class), some may only prove useful in subsequent runs or in HARD mode.
Unused stat increasing items will be transferred to the next Character/Class you play as (this is unavailable in the demo version).

The story is humorous in nature and it's just a string of common JRPG/videogame clich├ęs and references. I tried to make it as fun as possible, but humor is always hit-or-miss.
The intros/endings for each Character/Class are some of the most complicated things to come up with despite their silly nature.

There's quite a few secrets that I hope will be fun to discover. Experiment!