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Guide Great-Great-Grandguy home as he performs incredible feats! Hop, jump, or dash depending on the terrain to reach the goal.

Great-Great-Grandguy was out for a walk one day, but perhaps walked a little too far from home. Help guide him through each area, so he can return to his home in the middle of the Great-Grandguy Woods!

This is a short puzzle game designed with a small scope and a few simple rules that affect how you are able to move in each level.


After downloading, decompress the ZIP folder, and then run "RPG_RT.exe" inside the "Great-Great-Grandguy Goes Grasshopping" folder to start the game.


Arrow keys = Move
Enter = Interact with object
Shift/X/Esc = Reset area


F4 = Toggle Fullscreen
F5 = Open video settings menu

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