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Demo VP2

Mechanical update. It doesn't feature new content, but expands on the game's groundwork before I move forward.
Here's what's new:
-New encounter system that's makes it a little harder to walk around enemies.
-Added a Victory Result Screen.
-Turn Indicators on Buffs and States.
-A couple of bug fixes. Namely fixed facing forward on a ladder and removed the ability to summon infinite Nephilims.
-Lily got a minor buff to her Overdrive skill. Next spell after using it costs 0 MP.
-Level is capped at 4 until the first boss is defeated, where it's then raised to 10.

Unfortunately, this update isn't very save-compatible with the prior version of the game. Once the game is updated with the full first chapter, it is recommended for people who played before this update to start from the beginning.


Demo is Live

The demo is live. Let me know if you encounter any bugs.

Naturally, being a game from me, there are grammar and spelling errors. But worry not, I plan to update the demo soon addressing that.
It's been fixed. Download the game without worry!
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