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On the magical island of Langris, a land of sword, shrewd and sorcery lie many kingdoms ruled and inhabited by many creatures. Long after the departure of the divine being known as the Grey maiden ascended to another plane of existence, some struggle for POWER and MAGIC, others seek WEALTH and WISDOM, still others strive for CULTURE, but all desire PRESTIGE. In a world where prestige grants privilege, the people of Langris founded the guilds, collections of heroes and visionaries who can shape history by their legendary feats.

Led by Guild Masters, these guilds are the new structures of governance in this new world.

You could be one such Guild Master.

What guild will you build?

In Guild Master: Langris, you take on the role of Rudne Orndawn, a young woman born on the island of Langris, but returning after many years at the behest of her grandmother. Upon her return, she is granted a rare opportunity to become the guildmaster of a new guild and fulfill the wish of her grandmother by building a guild to last the ages.

By increasing your rank in any of the 5 major attributes, Power, Magic, Wealth, Wisdom, or Culture, you will unlock new features for your guild, erecting new buildings, access to new recruits, and even privileges that come with increased Prestige!
Will you convert the old library into an Alchemy lab, or an artificer's workshop? Will you invest money into the mine that you just saved, or will you put money into a nearby village to increase the likelyhood of new recruits? These are the decisions that you will make as the newest Guild Master in Langris!

But be careful, being known guarantees attention, and not all who are attentive have the best interests in mind...

  • Resolve the mystery of the Umbral Plane, and protect the Isle Of Grey from the ever-growing threat of the Shade Souls.
  • A skill and class development system that gives players development control of their crew
  • A base building system that allows you to expand the influence of your guild, while specializing in specific Guild purposes
  • 20+ characters available to join your ranks with their own stories, quests and personality
  • A intuitive combat system that requires strategy, and rewards mastery of the system
  • Explore a large, diverse continent with ample secrets and intriguing cultures to discover.

Latest Blog

Aprill 2021 - GuildMaster Update # 1

Hey all!

I plan to release regular progress updates to give players an idea of what is going on in GM: Langris as I develop it. This will keep me accountable while also staying diligent to the project. This first progress report is meant to give a full idea of the major aspects that are key to making Guild Master Langris, the game that I envision it to be.

Guild Master: Langris' gameplay focuses on a few aspects: Exploration, Dungeon Delving, Building, Comprehensive Combat, Recruitment and Story & Character Progression.

With that vision, the following aspects have been the focus of my development so far:
  • A world worth exploring
  • A system to build onto your guild that effects game play
  • Player choice integrated into the story
  • A combat system that rewards and punishes good and bad gameplay
  • Player agency in combat development
  • Gameplay with more at stake than losing battles

As Rudne, you will get to explore the many storied lands of Langris, from the mystic ruin filled southern kingdom of Grisford, to the five beast clans in the Land of Fang & Claw, to the mysterious scarred landscape of the Ashlands in the center of the continent, and many more locales. With Dungeon-Delving being a major way to explore and find great new resources, you can build onto your Guild's property and build new weapons, armor and items for Rudne and her guild mates.
Growing The Guild

The whole focus of the guild is to get the feeling of building your Guild from the ground up. The 5 Attributes of Society are major factors in this series, so the development your guild facilities and assets will effect these things! Choosing to purchase new buildings will not be a linear progression, as choosing to build certain facilities over others comes with pros and cons. I'm in the process of charting out the development tree for guild progression, but that will take a little bit. Also, more than establishing buildings in your "Guildquarter" you will have the opportunity to establish outposts and take up residency in buildings throughout Langris, that you find as you explore.


As you explore, no good RPG would be good without good combat! My hope for the combat of Guild Master: Langris is to create a combat system that rewards a mastery of its elements. Opening up new opportunities for players who learn their enemies weaknesses and exploit them, while creating challenging and dynamic battles that require strategy as the game goes on. On top of that, characters will have various classes and "specialization" opportunities throughout Guildmaster. As characters level up, they will get to choose what skills they would like to focus on. Choosing certain skills will prevent characters from learning other skills. (Choosing to follow the flame spirit Moto, prevents you from creating a contract with Burafu the Ice spirit etc.) These choices will culminate in players making wildly unique party compositions.


Much of the story of the game will be focused around heavy characterization of the individuals that are in the world of GM:L. With a lot of optional character interaction in the form of quests, fun interactions and cutscenes, I want characters in Guildmaster to be endearing and memorable. I will be putting a lot of stock into the writing and development of each character.

Current Work

My main focus right now is establishing the main systems of the game. Setting up the coding for day/night system of the game is crucial, as many of the other elements of the game are dependent on it. In essence, it will be fairly simple, but I am creating processes and common events that are going to be the bread and butter of the game.

Basic but crucial comm0on eventing!

I am currently looking for mappers, pixel artists, coders and editors to help with the project as well. Though it's not imperative, I think if I had 1-2 more hands to help with the game that would increase the productivity and the quality of the game overall, so I would be delighted if there were someone who would like to join the project!

If you are interested in joining the team, feel free to contact me at my website:

I'm currently working toward a demo that will setup the the first parts of the game, showcasing the battle system and some basic development mechanics for both your characters and the guild. I am hoping to release the demo by Mid-May.

All of this will lend to a story where Rudne has many choices that will shape her and her guild's reputation, allowing her to recruit 20+ characters from around Langris, to join her exploits to become the most prestigious guild in all of the land.

Future updates will not be this long, as this is the first, but you can expect these once a month in the future, around this time each month.

Happy April folks! Hope you're doing ok, and hope you're being good people.


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So? Is there is some demo of the game or direct link to buy it?
So? Is there is some demo of the game or direct link to buy it?

Sorry, not yet, but I am working on a battle and exploration demo for the early May! Please stay tuned!
nice! What I have seen looks very interesting. Charsets is nice, and custom Fire Emblem portraits? Whoa these are cool! I wonder how are story & gameplay and I'll wait for that!
nice! What I have seen looks very interesting. Charsets is nice, and custom Fire Emblem portraits? Whoa these are cool! I wonder how are story & gameplay and I'll wait for that!

Thanks @TheRpgmakerAddict! That means a lot coming from you! I hope you will enjoy the demo when it hits soon!
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