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Follow the story of Theo, a young fox with a lust for adventure and his companion Maxxe as they set out to follow in Theo's father's footsteps and become the greatest monster hunters that ever lived. Fight ferocious beasts and uncover the secrets of what the monsters that roam the world really are.

-Fully Custom Map and Player Battler Sprites
-Fully Custom Tilesets
-No RTP Battlers or Music
-6 Playable Characters with their own unique skill sets (4 available in demo)
-Roughly 3 1/2 hours of gameplay

Door of Shadows is sort of the spiritual successor to Scar of Shadows, taking ideas from it and working it into a better project.

Latest Blog

v0.3.0 Demo Release

I've decided to release a new demo for the game. This demo includes about an hour of new content but ends in kind of a weird spot. That's because I did some large balance changes that I would like feedback on. Patch notes below:

-Added roughly an hour of new content, including 3 new areas
-Buffed TP skills, especially physical ones
-Reduced bonus damage from hitting elemental weakness from 100% to 50%
-Added a new title screen
-Angel's Tear and wands now have an animation
-Fixed the Runic Sword not granting it's corresponding skill
-Fixed many typos and small bugs

Old save files should be compatible, just make sure to heal at a healing crystal at least once to give the new rare monsters a chance to spawn.
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  • Antilurker77
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  • 03/23/2021 02:15 PM
  • 05/27/2021 07:27 PM
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In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Heya! If it's all good, I was thinking of streaming your latest demo on Twitch tomorrow. This does seem pretty neat with the animal-folk and custom assets.
Sure, go right ahead. Can I get a link and time?
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Ack, I didn't get the message till now! Just finished! VOD can be found here, and I begin playing it at about the 42:45 mark. Not sure how much I completed for the demo but I enjoy what I've seen and played so far. Cleared the opening mission and returned to town, so about 35 minutes of play. Keep it up!

Warning: Loudness at about 43 minutes as I screw up my sound settings :x

Ze link of ze RPG Maker matinee session
Oh, there's plenty of demo left. You didn't even get to the first boss :P
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