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Follow the story of Theo, a young fox with a lust for adventure and his companion Maxxe as they set out to follow in Theo's father's footsteps and become the greatest monster hunters that ever lived. Fight ferocious beasts and uncover the secrets of what the monsters that roam the world really are.

-Fully Custom Map and Player Battler Sprites
-Fully Custom Tilesets
-No RTP Battlers or Music
-6 Playable Characters with their own unique skill sets (5 available in demo)
-Roughly 6 hours of gameplay

Door of Shadows is sort of the spiritual successor to Scar of Shadows, taking ideas from it and working it into a better project.

Featuring monster graphics by Aekashics: http://www.akashics.moe/

Latest Blog

Moving Forward

Hello, it's been quite awhile since I posted about progress on this game.

What Happened
After releasing the 0.4.1 demo I started work on 0.5 almost immediately. However I ended up getting some strong creative blocks when working on one of the new dungeons so I ended up taking a break for awhile. After a few months I finally got back and completed it, and by then I received a heap of feedback about the existing demo. I figured it was finally time to go back and do some reworking of old content, but between stress from real-life issues and burnout from game development I ended up not completing it.

After recovering and feeling the itch to make games again, I started a new project called Tales of Shadows. However I didn't find it nearly as fun to work on so I ended up burning out again. But now I'm back again and feel like I should look at this project again.

Project Changes
I'm intending to do a semi-remake of the game. The overall plot and structure will remain mostly the same, but I intend to update a lot of the art and some of the game mechanics. If you look at Tales of Shadows, this is the art style I intend to use when updating the art, mostly focused on adding shading and more detail.

For gameplay changes, I'm looking at reworking character skills and the spell gem system. Currently I plan to scrap the existing spell gem system, as I felt it made characters feel too similar to each other. There were also far too many gems--75 planned for the final version which had it's own issues since spells were designed to never obsolete. In the new version, each character will have their own spell list (with some overlap). SP is sticking around. Instead of learning skills from leveling automatically, SP will be used to purchase skills and spells. New abilities will be available to purchase with SP as the character levels up. The end result is that characters should feel more unique and have a much leaner spell list.

What's Next
I'm still in the very early stages of the semi-remake. The next demo I intend to release will be everything through the 1st dungeon as well as the "badass opening" I promised long ago. No promises on when it will release. I hope you guys are looking forward to it!
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  • 03/23/2021 02:15 PM
  • 10/21/2022 11:03 AM
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In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Heya! If it's all good, I was thinking of streaming your latest demo on Twitch tomorrow. This does seem pretty neat with the animal-folk and custom assets.
Sure, go right ahead. Can I get a link and time?
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Ack, I didn't get the message till now! Just finished! VOD can be found here, and I begin playing it at about the 42:45 mark. Not sure how much I completed for the demo but I enjoy what I've seen and played so far. Cleared the opening mission and returned to town, so about 35 minutes of play. Keep it up!

Warning: Loudness at about 43 minutes as I screw up my sound settings :x

Ze link of ze RPG Maker matinee session
Oh, there's plenty of demo left. You didn't even get to the first boss :P
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