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Follow the story of Theo, a young fox with a lust for adventure and his companion Maxxe as they set out to follow in Theo's father's footsteps and become the greatest monster hunters that ever lived. Fight ferocious beasts and uncover the secrets of what the monsters that roam the world really are.

-Fully Custom Map and Player Battler Sprites
-Fully Custom Tilesets
-No RTP Battlers or Music
-6 Playable Characters with their own unique skill sets (3 available in demo)
-Roughly 1 hour of gameplay

Door of Shadows is sort of the spiritual successor to Scar of Shadows, taking ideas from it and working it into a better project.

Latest Blog

v0.1.0 Demo Known Issues

The first demo is now available for all to enjoy! Here is a list of issues I am already aware of with the demo:

The title screen is still RTP
The player characters still use RTP weapons that don't line up with the sprites
The default face graphic appears in several places like the save menu
SP isn't listed in the skill menu
Text overlap in the equip menu
The options menu in general is a mess
The game can soft lock if a player character dies to a DoT right before their turn comes up
The turn order randomly shifts around

Feel free to report any issues you have as well as any feedback, no matter how harsh. And thank you for playing!
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  • Antilurker77
  • RPG Maker MZ
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  • 03/23/2021 02:15 PM
  • 04/05/2021 12:46 PM
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