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Progress Report

v0.3.0 Demo Release

I've decided to release a new demo for the game. This demo includes about an hour of new content but ends in kind of a weird spot. That's because I did some large balance changes that I would like feedback on. Patch notes below:

-Added roughly an hour of new content, including 3 new areas
-Buffed TP skills, especially physical ones
-Reduced bonus damage from hitting elemental weakness from 100% to 50%
-Added a new title screen
-Angel's Tear and wands now have an animation
-Fixed the Runic Sword not granting it's corresponding skill
-Fixed many typos and small bugs

Old save files should be compatible, just make sure to heal at a healing crystal at least once to give the new rare monsters a chance to spawn.

Progress Report

v0.2.1 Demo Release

I've updated a new version of the demo. There are no critical fixes here, just some polish and minor tweaks in preparation for the upcoming streamer playthrough.

-The options menu has been cleaned up
-Instant skills should absolutely always be instant
-Reduced the stats of some hard mode enemies

Progress Report

v0.2.0 Demo Release

The new v0.2.0 demo has been released! Patch notes below:

-Added ~1.5 hours of gameplay, including 4 new areas and a new party member
-Replaced RTP faces with player sprites
-Added new weapon sprites
-Heal is now 20% stronger
-Enemy crits now deal 50% more damage instead of 100%
-Maxxe's weapons were stronger than intended and have been brought in line
-Increased the effect SPD has on turn order
-Removed the base TP from slaying an enemy
-The Iron Blader in the Miktal Ruins has a new ability
-Spell gems can no longer be sold
-New teleport menu
-Minor bugfixes and balance tweaks

And one important thing to note: old save files are not compatible. This is due to a bug with placeholder character data and some important statistics not being tracked. This has been fixed for future builds so it shouldn't affect future releases.

Progress Report

v0.1.0 Demo Known Issues

The first demo is now available for all to enjoy! Here is a list of issues I am already aware of with the demo:

The title screen is still RTP
The player characters still use RTP weapons that don't line up with the sprites
The default face graphic appears in several places like the save menu
SP isn't listed in the skill menu
Text overlap in the equip menu
The options menu in general is a mess
The game can soft lock if a player character dies to a DoT right before their turn comes up
The turn order randomly shifts around

Feel free to report any issues you have as well as any feedback, no matter how harsh. And thank you for playing!
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