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v0.2.0 Demo Release

The new v0.2.0 demo has been released! Patch notes below:

-Added ~1.5 hours of gameplay, including 4 new areas and a new party member
-Replaced RTP faces with player sprites
-Added new weapon sprites
-Heal is now 20% stronger
-Enemy crits now deal 50% more damage instead of 100%
-Maxxe's weapons were stronger than intended and have been brought in line
-Increased the effect SPD has on turn order
-Removed the base TP from slaying an enemy
-The Iron Blader in the Miktal Ruins has a new ability
-Spell gems can no longer be sold
-New teleport menu
-Minor bugfixes and balance tweaks

And one important thing to note: old save files are not compatible. This is due to a bug with placeholder character data and some important statistics not being tracked. This has been fixed for future builds so it shouldn't affect future releases.