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Just Kidding! Ara Fell epilogue is available now on Steam. Also DPad support!

We were going to release it after some testing at the end of the month, but testing went smoothly and we decided to just go for it. Enjoy!


By popular request, I've added an epilogue to the end of Ara Fell as a free update. This brief addition will hopefully make for a much more satisfying ending, and give closure to those who felt the original ending was lacking in that area.

There are two ways you can access it.

1) You can defeat the final boss, view the original ending, and then stick around for the epilogue. A save game right before the fight with story mode enabled is provided below. If you're coming back just to view the epilogue, I recommend viewing the original ending again along with it!


Just drop this into your Ara Fell Folder and rename it to Save0X.lsd, where X is a number. This is the default path, but yours may vary. C:\Program Files\Steam (x86)\SteamApps\Common\Ara Fell

2) or you can jump right into the epilogue by pressing the ESC or gamepad B key several times (about 5 or 6) on the title menu. This will bring up an option asking if you'd like to view the epilogue.

NOTE: If you're deciding to give this another playthrough, be advised that the transition from the end of the game to starting a new game hasn't been fully tested yet... the code is without error and should work, but the engine is finnicky sometimes, and I'm worried it might skip over parts of it...


D-pad support should now be enabled for most gamepads. You may need to make sure the gamepad is powered on prior to starting the game in order for it to work.

For volume control, you can adjust this by selecting "Settings" on the title screen, by using the "UTILITY: Options" item in your inventory or by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard. This will bring up the usual video options, with a new button on the right to adjust volume.


A variety of small tweaks and fixes have been applied to the game; too many to list here, but nothing major. Thanks to everyone who took the time to point out some of these issues!

We've also included a colorblind mode in this update, which addresses a few issues colorblind people may run into, including updated an keyboard guide which can be accessed via the UTILITIES: Information item, as well as altering the color puzzle in the Ruins of Arei.


It seems RPG_RT.exe may bring up false positives for some overzealous anti-virus software. We've tested this thoroughly and are confident that there are no issues, but as always, we can't be 100% sure... Please let us know if you get any anti-virus hits and we'll continue looking into this. Thanks!

Lastly, please leave a review if you're so inclined! I've said this many times before, but it's worth repeating... we worked really hard on this game, but it's often difficult to get taken seriously on a big market like Steam. Every review makes us seem more legitimate, and even brief reviews are helpful! And besides that, we love reading them.

Okay, thanks everyone! As always, let us know if you run into any issues. Have fun!


Epilogue finished! Planned release as free update for October 26th.

Just wanted to let folks know this is FINALLY finished. Took about 2 months of really agonizing over it, but it's done, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Feels like a proper ending now!

Game Design

D-pad support, volume control, and epilogue incoming!

Hey guys! I'm happy to announce a few upcoming changes to Ara Fell, including some special modifications to allow d-pad support for Rm2k3 games, native volume control, as well as my decision to create an epilogue to flesh out Ara Fell's ending.

David Trapp (who you all probably know as Cherry) put together the D-pad and volume control mods. Anyone that's spent any time at all playing RPG Maker games with a gamepad will instantly appreciate how vital this addition is. It was easily the most requested feature for Ara Fell, so I'm pretty pumped for the opportunity to finally deliver. Volume control is a pretty minor change, but definitely a nice quality of life change, particularly for streamers and LPers.

As for the epilogue, I won't spoil anything here, but anyone that's seen Ara Fell's ending probably felt at least a little unsatisfied by it. I intentionally wanted to leave it sudden and vague. There's something profound about that to me, especially given the events that precede the ending. That may work just fine for the film that inspired me to go in that direction (which, incidentally, was the absolutely brilliant Birdman starring Michael Keaton, which you should absolutely see if you haven't already) but, even if executed well, may just not work well for a game like Ara Fell... Or any game, really. Anything you invest something like 20 hours of your time into needs to have a satisfying conclusion.

The ending to AF has left enough people unfulfilled that I've decided to create an epilogue for the game as free DLC, which I hope to make available, along with the improvements listed above, by the end of September.

Incidentally, for those interested in our work, you can expect the official announcement for our current project in a few days!


Ara Fell 50% off as part of Steam Holloween sale!

Hey guys! If you've been waiting for a price drop on Ara Fell on Steam, it's currently half off as part of the Holloween Sale!

We also have a current promotion going where if you buy it and leave an honest, thoughtful review, we'll give you another copy of the game that you can trade or gift to someone. Really do make it an honest review, though! Don't thumbs up just because you're getting a free copy!


One day flash sale on itch.io starting at 12:00 am 8/30

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you all know we'll be hosting, as the title says, a one day flash sale for Ara Fell on itch.io

The game will be 75% off, so it'll cost $2.50

For those of you interested in the game but held off, this is your chance! If you do grab, please leave us a review on Steam and RMN if you get the opportunity!


Ara Fell, one week after release. Also, Rise of the Third Power!

All right, first off, I want to thank everyone that helped make this game (in my eyes) successful. We didn't go viral, we didn't stay on the popular new releases on Steam for very long... but one week in, I'm super happy with how well Ara Fell has done so far. I don't want to get into sales numbers or anything like that, but I will say that we're currently on 7000 wishlists on Steam, and we've sold enough already that I think this was worthwhile from more than just a "because I love it" perspective.

The feedback on Steam has been extremely positive (and downright flattering, quite frankly) and we've received a ton of support and well-wishes from the RMN community. Speaking of which, if you have the time to review Ara Fell on Steam or RMN, that would be awesome. Especially on Steam, where even a brief review is helpful.

Moving forward, it's time to start on my next project. Officially, Rise of the Third Power is in production!

This is a game most people haven't really heard of. I started on it while soul-searching with what to do with myself after Ara Fell, and decided to try something a little less fantasy. Thanks to the insistence of Karsuman, it became more of a character-driven political drama than the typical fantasy RPG I started out with. It was right around that time that Amanda Fitch of Aveyond fame told me that I should go commercial. So I dropped Rise of the Third Power and the ill-fated Ara Fell XP was born...

I'll make a proper announcement with my plans for R3P (which I am seriously considering renaming) in a few weeks. Until then, thanks again for the support everyone! It's been an amazing journey going from starting Ara Fell more than 10 years ago to seeing it's completion at long last. The experience really has meant a lot to me, and RMN and the people here have been a huge part of it.


Ara Fell is Live!

All right people, it's been one hell of a ride. As of now, Ara Fell is live on Steam, Itchio and Humble Bundle. As people who have been following this game know, I've really done my best to make Ara Fell what it should have been to begin with.




I really want to thank everyone that helped make this possible, from Caladium and Charblar doing art and game design, to all our testers, and even just to people who have left a nice comment. All of it helps. This project wasn't easy to get through and everyone's support for this decade-old project has done so much for my moral. Seriously, thank you guys.

I don't know what a successful launch of Ara Fell will look like, but let's face it... this is an uphill battle. RPG Maker games have a bad reputation for a reason, and we're using a lot of old graphics on top of that. We're going to need all the help we can get to be a success. So, if you want to contribute to that more than buying the game, there are a few things you can do.

1) Buy it on Steam! We're hoping to make the "popular new releases" section on Steam. That'll get us a little more exposure. So while Steam takes a bigger cut than itchio or Humble, steam sales will help us the most right now. Naturally, if you prefer itchio or Humble, don't hesitate to purchase it there. But if it's all the same to you, Steam is the best place for us.

2) Tell your friends about this game! Have a couple of bucks laying around? Buy it for your friends! Every little bit helps, and while I'm not sure Ara Fell is really the kind of game that's going to go viral, the way games do go viral is by telling others.

3) Take the time to review the game, both on RMN and on Steam! So, certainly don't be dishonest in your reviews, but every positive review on Steam is going to help us out. If we can reach a the number and ratio of reviews needed to get "overwhelmingly positive" on Steam, that would really help. And don't discount how much RMN reviews will help too.

4) Write to other websites to cover and review Ara Fell. Convincing bigger sites to notice our little game won't be easy, but if they hear from people telling them it's worth paying attention to, they'll at least take a look. Just getting our foot in the door is all we need.

Well, I'm out of ideas. We've got everything riding on this, so here goes nothing.

And seriously. Thanks again, everyone.


Ara Fell is finished.

This has been the longest year of my life.

Almost a year ago to the day, I found out that RPG Maker 2003 was officially released by Degica in English, thanks to the hard work of Nessiah and Cherry. It had been a rough couple of years before that for me leading up to that moment. Ara Fell: First Light was all but dead. Operation Prophet, the shoot'em up we took on as a side project to gain some experience putting together a simpler game, wasn't going anywhere either. After two years of patchwork progress and (yet another) a half-finished game to show for it, I had noticed one morning that nobody on the team had done anything in almost two months.

Two months. Had I really let things get so bad? I called a team meeting. It was time to admit defeat.

Even after all this time, I hadn't ever given up. I still had plans for First Light. Operation Prophet was just a stepping stone, after all: a simpler game that could be made by a smaller team. It had been a long time, but it was also taking shape... and I really thought we could still pull it off. But two months... when I noticed it had been that long, it came to me like a punch in the face. We were kidding ourselves. During our team meeting, we all agreed that Operation Prophet was dead. And that was that. We were done.

It was a fortunate coincidence that the next day I found that RM2k3 was officially released. I woke up that morning feeling the bittersweet closure of having finally said goodbye to what had been, up until that moment, a huge part of my life. And then out of nowhere, someone told me RM2k3 was legal. Just like that, I had a reason to come back to this. I didn't know what to make of it. Could I really take Ara Fell... the only thing I ever made that I truly loved making... and turn it into something worthy of being sold? I didn't know, but I downloaded the latest version of Ara Fell and started playing.

Still, there was a lot wrong with that game... So much so that I found myself just sitting in my computer chair, staring blankly at the screen and shaking my head. But through all problems, I could see that there was something in there worth salvaging. And, moreover, I remembered being in love with it once. I remembered feeling something when I made it. And I felt it again when I started working to improve it.

I went into this expecting to just polish up Ara Fell a bit, give it a proper conclusion, replace the music and graphics I couldn't include in a commercial project and be done with it...

Instead, I spent the next year of my life rewriting every line of dialogue, reworking the entire story, completely overhauling the battle system, adding in new areas, new quests, new dungeons, having every battle animation made from scratch, new game systems, on top of the polished it already needed. I've been regularly putting 14 hour days into this project. It's kept me up at night, both working on it and laying in bed worrying about it. But it's finally done.

Charblar, beta-tester turned team member, insisted I Greenlight it on Steam. She was convinced it'd make it through. I wasn't so sure, having had plans to publish through Degica. And besides, I don't know anything about marketing. I don't have any contacts. She insisted she could do that, so I caved. She turned out to be right, by the way. We put it on Greenlight in January. I've known people that have had their work on there for months. Years even.

We got it in 12 days.

Now, here we are. Ara Fell launches on Steam June 2nd, the 9th anniversary of when Ara Fell went up on RMN for the first time. I completed it today, May 2nd, a full month ahead of time. One final wave of beta testing and we're good to go. I have poured so much of myself into this project over such a long time and it's surreal to see it completed at last.

My hope is that this does well enough that I can continue doing it. Now that I remember what it's like to love making games, I'd hate to have to give it up now. Rise of the Third Power is next. Ara Fell: First Light comes after that. But honestly? I really needed this. I needed to finish it. And now that I have, it's like a huge weight has been lifted.

I'll end this with a thank you. Many of you were around from the early days, and some of you weren't, but I've gotten so much support and well-wishes from RMN. I don't know if I could have kept it up with you. And I really want to thank Charblar for everything she's done. She volunteered just because she wanted to help and happily took over a ton of the work I just couldn't do. Marketing, press releases, the game's trailer, not to mention beta testing and a ton of other little tasks. I don't know where this would be right now without her, but certainly not Greenlit on Steam.

Anyway, here we go. Onward to June 2nd. Thanks again, RMN.

Below, I've included some side-by-side comparisons of the old version of Ara Fell and the new. Old's on the left, in case it isn't obvious.


Steam Transactions

While testing Ara Fell over the past few weeks we've noticed players ending up being short on coins and thus had to grind to get the coins needed to stock up on items, we came up with an easy solution. You will now be able to purchase coins from Talani the traveling merchant across Ara Fell and spend have them quickly and easily added to your party!


Support Stegosoft Games on Patreon!

Hey guys Stegosoft Games is now Patreon! With your help, we'll be able to devote more time and energy into our projects. Your patronage will go toward helping with living expenses and giving us more flexible options when acquiring graphical and audio assets for our games!
For 10$ a month you will get all of our future games as long as you are our patreon! and we're aiming for getting 50$ a month to help cover subscription based software licenses.

You can check out more information and become out Patreon by clicking the link bellow!
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