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D-pad support, volume control, and epilogue incoming!

  • BadLuck
  • 08/24/2017 06:39 PM
Hey guys! I'm happy to announce a few upcoming changes to Ara Fell, including some special modifications to allow d-pad support for Rm2k3 games, native volume control, as well as my decision to create an epilogue to flesh out Ara Fell's ending.

David Trapp (who you all probably know as Cherry) put together the D-pad and volume control mods. Anyone that's spent any time at all playing RPG Maker games with a gamepad will instantly appreciate how vital this addition is. It was easily the most requested feature for Ara Fell, so I'm pretty pumped for the opportunity to finally deliver. Volume control is a pretty minor change, but definitely a nice quality of life change, particularly for streamers and LPers.

As for the epilogue, I won't spoil anything here, but anyone that's seen Ara Fell's ending probably felt at least a little unsatisfied by it. I intentionally wanted to leave it sudden and vague. There's something profound about that to me, especially given the events that precede the ending. That may work just fine for the film that inspired me to go in that direction (which, incidentally, was the absolutely brilliant Birdman starring Michael Keaton, which you should absolutely see if you haven't already) but, even if executed well, may just not work well for a game like Ara Fell... Or any game, really. Anything you invest something like 20 hours of your time into needs to have a satisfying conclusion.

The ending to AF has left enough people unfulfilled that I've decided to create an epilogue for the game as free DLC, which I hope to make available, along with the improvements listed above, by the end of September.

Incidentally, for those interested in our work, you can expect the official announcement for our current project in a few days!


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Question: does the controller support map particular keyboard keys and is it configurable, or it is set?

I just have two questions: "How much?" and "Give it to me".
My understanding is that Cherry modified RPG_RT.exe so that it detects the PoV hat (which is what the d-pad is set to by default). It's enabled by default, just by using our patched RPG_RT. So no, it doesn't do any keyboard remapping or anything like that.
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