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  • charblar
  • Added: 04/02/2016 02:34 AM
  • Last updated: 12/08/2023 09:58 AM


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I think this would look a lot better if the towers had a different floor tile. It's overall pretty neat. I especially like those red flags.
“Dungeon Final,” huh? I guess that means we’re getting pretty close to the end there, huh, guys?

- Yay!!! :D
notorious rpgmaker 2k3 shill
Yeah, a different floor tile would make it look much better.
I see what you're going for there with the towers and all. You're wanting that sense of depth which is why you've got the same floor tiles there, but like the others said, different floor tiles for the towers would make it look much better and you can still maintain the depth of perception you're looking for. It looks great! I'm seriously looking forward to this game!
I hear you. Been looking at these tiles so long, I didn't even notice how funny it looked. I'm changing it now.


There we go. Not sure if I'm going to keep those gray spires or not. I was thinking a white or gold color would be nice. Regardless, it does fix the problem, I think.
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