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Liberty Plays: Ara Fell

  • Liberty
  • 06/14/2016 01:24 PM


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Very well done! You really ought to have more subscribers; I actually thought these were quite entertaining.

Sorry abiout that lfie bug. I need to stop being snarky in my bug-squashing code so if I forget to remove it, it doesn't look completely idiotic...

Anyway, thank you for doing this and posting it! I really had fun watching you play my game!
I'm happy to finally get to play the complete version of a game I've loved for so long. XD

No problem with the lfie thing~ There's always bound to be a few bugs you find through LPs. I'm glad you enjoyed them so far. I've more coming soon - I've always enjoyed exploration in games, and having so many places to go... >:DDD
These are amusing. ^-^
And voice is clear, easy to hear.
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