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A Masterpiece (Almost)

  • Frogge
  • 02/27/2017 03:38 PM

Ara Fell by badluck
Length: ~15 hours

Ara Fell is spectecular. For a long time, the game was abondoned. It had a remake in progress which never got finished. However, in 2016, the project was back and completed. And oh boy was it worth it.

Ara Fell is definetly what it promises to be, a throwback to older rpgs. Of course, as a 16 year old who hasn't played that many games before the playstation era, I wouldn't know that too well and I can't exactly call it ''nostalgia''. But one thing is for sure; if this came out back then, it would probably be revolutionary. Anyway, I'm just mumbling. Let's get onto the actual review.

Ara Fell's most outstanding aspect is the graphics. It uses a free stock asset pack, and it uses it well (Ps: Do keep in mind that there are customs in there, but made to match the style of the pack. Some examples would be the blue crystals or the battlers.) Mapping is where it really stands out, as Ara Fell's world feels detailed and large while also being a good enough size to leave you time to explore as you play along. It honestly feels like an island in the sky, and can crete atmosphere just using maps. The rpg maker 2003 engine (which is what the game is made in, fyi) has a lot of limits, and Ara Fell cleverly pushes those limits to their limits with fully animated battle skills, a crafting system and a level up mechanic that lets you increase whatever stats you wish to increase.
The story is not the best thing out there. It's fairly cliche, but the really well written, humorous dialogue definetly makes up for it. Usually, what causes me to drop most long games is that I'll get stuck or end up in a situation where I have to backtrack a lot. Ara Fell makes sure that doesn't happen with quick travels (which should probably be a thing in every rpg tbh) and its length of 15 hours is just about perfect.
The game's music is pretty neat. It doesn't have a lot of tracks, but the few it does have are quite good. There's one battle theme that I found great. It is titled ''Ara Fell Final Boss'' in the files, though in the game it's not actually used for the final boss (A shame, because it's actually much better than the final boss theme we get.)
The game has few flaws, but none that make the game ''not worth playing''. The most minor thing is a few graphical glitches here and there. There's a few scenes where the character gets cut-off by tiles that should be below her, but are above instead. The more major flaw of Ara Fell is the battles. At first, the battles start out difficult, but once you're done with the first chapter or so it becomes much more easier. In a game, the battles should go from easy to hard, not from hard to easy. There's one quest where you have to defeat a bunch of enemies in the area, and without using the easy insta kill option (The game asks you if you want it at the beginning if you want the insta kill option if you just wanna get on with the story instead of spending time on battles, though you can just choose not to use it during battle) it's quite a pain. I really appreciated how quick the game was in healing you though. If you walk a few steps you'll recover hp, and I really liked that.

This has been kind of a short one, but Ara Fell has very few bad sides and is overall a game that's really worth buying. The price is just about perfect, if not a little too cheap. You should really give it a try if you enjoy rpgs. I give it four and a half crystals out of five.


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Thanks so much Frogge! It really means a lot to me that you liked the game, and I'll take the criticism to heart as well. Thanks for sharing this!
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