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I always dreamt of creating a tactical RPG like Shining Force or Final Fantasy Tactics, but never believed I was capable of. Also, about ten years ago I had a dream about a game whose characters were Superman, Batman, Venom and John Lennon. The Lonely League is my shot at making both these dreams come true.

Our protagonist is Vince Heart, a pure hearted guy who is just trying to be a nice person in a world where kindness and empathy are becoming rare commodities. Vince is constantly bothered by how selfish everyone is. One day, a mysterious encounter changes him deeply, making him develop powers beyond his wildest imagination. And, as you may well know, with great power comes great responsibility. Whatever is wrong with the world, Vince believes he should do something about it. A series of bizarre events leads him to team up with Superman, Batman and John Lennon. This unlikely team is set on a quest to save the world. But saving a world that does not want to be saved will prove to be a lonely quest.

The progress of the game alternates between cutscenes and battles. There is no walking, no exploration, and the overall story is mostly linear.
Cutscenes play like comic book pages. Some of the scenes are passive, and in some of them you can make choices. Certain dialog choices give you status boosts corresponding to the choice you make. Also, some moments are played like small minigames, like tracking an enemy or trying to get a loan from friends.

Battle-wise, The Lonely League is a Tactical RPG like Fire Emblem, Shining Force and Final Fantasy Tactics. You control a small group of characters, but there is plenty of room for strategy and customization.
The main feature of the system is you are able to interact with map events, other than just attack them. Talking to enemies can have multiple effects. You can make them change their attack patterns, or in many cases get them to join your party for the duration of that battle. You can also interact with objects, activating, disabling or moving them, which can have environmental effects. Victory is not always achieved by killing every enemy on map, and most battles will have multiple paths to victory.

In terms of character customization, each character will have multiple classes to be unlocked throughout the game, some of them being hidden. Each class generates its own skill tree which in which player can spend XP to upgrade stats or learn new skills. There is no leveling up, and upgrades are stacked between multiple classes, so you can ultimately create a character that combines powers from different sources.

The tactical battle system is being designed pretty much from scratch, and this is supposed to be a long game, so final release might take a while. I do plan on releasing episodic demos with partial versions of the story in the meanwhile. I'm also making the system as detached from the story as possible, so it can be reused in future games.

Latest Blog

Making of Character Battlers

There are Tactical RPGs in which attacks are displayed on the map with the same sprites used for movement (like Final Fantasy Tactics) and others in which attacks happen in a separate screen with bigger sprites (like Shining Force). There is good and bad in each option, but I went with the second because I like high-res character display and because it's more faithful to my main inspiration, which is Shining Force.

Originally I was going to draw all the battlers with my very limited spriting skills. Gladly I found an alternative: Mugen sprites, which are basically rips from numerous fighting games.

It helped me TONS, and while there are hundreds if not thousands of characters available online, I still found the need to make something more custom. So I'm making frankensprites, which is incredibly time consuming but I kinda like the results.

So while I'm still using rips, the degree of customization is enough to give my characters a real unique look. It takes me about a day or two to make a sprite like that (considering each battler has 10 different poses), and a day or two to make his walking charset. So I don't expect to finish this game anytime soon, but I'm enjoying the process!
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  • 04/11/2021 01:03 PM
  • 05/09/2021 03:10 AM
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Still a dumb and shy doggo
I was told to comment here to show calunio some love.
So, here you go. HISSSSS
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
I'm lonely! This'll be perfect for me!
OrudoPatto, kisama!
I've been following this game since the day Cal started working on it and it's amazing what is shaping up to be!
I will play this as soon as it releases!

Great work, Cal :)
And cool game page too! :P
This look so good (reminds to me of Dyhortfight 4 for the use of both charsets and fighting games sprite edits), and I am really curious to see how the story develops. The premise is really interesting.
Alright, alright. Now this presentation is pretty sexy. I have to sub this. Also, the premise made me laugh, so double points!
Daaaamnnn, lookin GOOD! I love the comic book aesthetic mixed with pixel art, it's like that sweet sweet sauce recipe.
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
I haven't seen a superhero game here since Masters of the Wind. And it's tactical too! I am stoked. :o
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
I've seen some snippets of this game's progress on the Discord and decided to give it a look. It looks like quite the interesting passion project! Wish you lots of success with the game Cal!
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