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Updates and release

  • calunio
  • 11/13/2021 08:34 PM
For a number a reasons I decided not to release further demos of The Lonely League. The current demo is only a very small fraction of the game, and the next thing you will see is the finished piece.

I started this project in October 2020, and I've been dedicating pretty much all of my free time to making it. Working so hard on a project and waiting two years before being able to show it to people is genuinely painful for me.

For this reason, I would be really glad if someone is willing to playtest the game in its current form. I don't really need detailed feedback, but I welcome any feedback regarding balance. Bug report would also be appreciated. In case you're interested, drop me a comment or PM me!

Final release estimated date is August 2022.


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Hey Calunio - I'd love to help you!
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
I can't say how soon I'd be available to give the game a spin, but I would be interested in playtesting it more? I loved what I've seen so far.
Thanks guys! I'll hit you up on Discord.
Consider me available, of course ;) happy to test it out!
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