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Hello fellow friends :3

Hey there 3 subscribers that may or may not have been waiting/questioning my laziness and future rmners that view this blog as inazuma has been released.

I apologize for the lack of updates way past the game's release date. Also I apologize as you probably would see some notifications from me scrubbing my css for the gamepage.

Anyway, I wanted to update my fellow subs and viewers that the game is still in development and not abandoned! I've just been a bit lazy busy with life's stuff.

No I am not busy exploring inazuma in genshin. If anything, I failed to complete my daily commission today as I type this blog via midnight!

So here's some gif that showcase Pryo Swirl(Fire+Wind) and Overload(Fire+Electric) caused by Swirl(Fire+Wind = Reaction + Electric = Overload)

Pryo Swirl

Overload Swirl

You can get a better view of the gifs above from images!

Hope you have a great day ahead and stay healthy~