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"What kind of story a kid would write on his head?"

This one, Gordo's Great Adventure, or at least, the original game was made years and years ago by my brother and I when we were kids, the original game from almost 20 years ago was lost but I somehow was able to keep and save the original resources, basically everything except for the game itself...
But, since the story wasn't really that complex, I was able to remember the majority of it, including some dumb nonsensical jokes.
I also added a lot of things, including a secret, special true ending which, if you are going to waste your time playing this, the least you can do is get the best ending, is not really that hard to get (In fact, the game itself will tell you how to do it).
It shouldn't take you too long, but it depends if you are looking for Easter eggs and stuff, At the most maximum, one hour, I think you can beat the game in 35 minutes if you ignore everything and you go directly to the mission.

"The Story...?"

You play as "Gordo" a strange humanoid creature that lives in a planet made by himself, with little creatures called "Gorditos", which also were made by himself, and everything is made out of... poop. Yes, this is a story about poop, and farts, and idiotic, pointless adventures, in fact, the whole adventure will be a pointless adventure, but maybe it will be fun...?
Investigate the world, meet weird characters, stop the evil plot of a mad genius, unlock Poop vehicles to reach new islands, level up and get better equipment, farm a little, fight secret bosses if you want, and if not, don't do it!

"This sounds very dumb."

Look, kids are all like "haha fart" and "haha poopy!" okay? Don't judge the creativity of a kid, griw! It may look like a very dumb game, but there's a lot of work, time and soul put on it and I really tried my best to tell an interesting story.

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