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Short but sweet like revenge

  • orochii
  • 04/20/2021 09:18 AM

So this has been happening since... uh yes. Awe showing progress on his game, and us randomly getting excited about another one of these "RMN lore" games. I honestly don't know what to do with this review since it's slightly hard to critique a game you feel you kind of had some indirect involvement. But I don't think I feel that attached, heck, the damn son of a lobster left me out of the madness! So here we are, I'm going to hurt your makscor with a positive amount of coins. Here we go.

So what is this madness about?
The story goes like this: People in the Discord server making funnies. Awe interacts with the Ozzy, they breed a very dummy quote. And madness starts to brew from Awe's mind.

I honestly don't understand, but this game main page explains it pretty well, better than my convoluted explanations. It's just something referencing a short dialogue between Awe and Ozzy, gone mental.

Must say, I don't know if it's because of the fondness to the community, or if the game's merits (oh it does have merits! we'll talk about that later). But as I always say, if something moves me enough to not just try but beat it, it's because there's something special on it, for me at least.

Okay, so what are these merits? I don't usually, and will not ever again, decompose reviews into vain categories. Blegh. So here we go. The game is short, we will not subdue this review based on length however, as that would not be fair, this game never intended to be an endless marathon. Instead, is less of a game and more of a short sweet experience. And this is why I think the game has merit. Because the, quote on quote, "little that was made", is pretty well done. Might not break the limits of the tools, but it's pretty polished and stylized.

Let's go with the downs first. It's got lots of RTP, which I don't care, I just know someone will mention it. So there you go. YEAH IT USES RTP. GASP! It's short. It's about a joke not everyone will get or care, an inside joke. And if you haven't been active enough in the site, or more especially on the Discord lately, you'll be out of the blue. Who teh fudge is Oshun and why WaKa is drinkin COKE? WHY PIZZA? AAAAAAAAA.

There is probably more things one could nitpick as bad, like mapping not being exactly spectacular and all that, or the lack of innovative gameplay, or how this game was not endorsed by Cup Noodles. But this is why I don't like decomposing games into minor sections, and like more taking the whole picture and seeing the good and the bad, and the inspiring and yadda yadda. Think more about the experience, bro.

Because the author, Awe, made some good uses of the tkool arts too. You see those fluid animations? Bam. Probably used Tweening. But they look good. They don't look savage and super duper. But they got heart. There is also quite some custom arts for different scenes, the characters fly in the air with a shadow under. You get a lot of surprises in the short, maybe 5 minutes length of the game. And it's overloaded with funnies, every sentence makes either a reference to some of that sweet RMN lore, some general use meme, or it's just lots of sad cats.

I think that besides the simple yet endearing, very characteristic RPG Maker aesthetic which doesn't attempt to hide because it's made for an RPG Maker community, god sake, one of the other important aspects of the game is the humor. It's quite concise, but it usually made me chuckle a little.

The veredict
So this is probably not a masterpiece. This is not a hidden gem between all the gammak of this site. But it's a very cute nod to some of the inner lore of the site. If you don't feel especially attached to that, you might not want to try it out. If you feel slightly motivated, do so, despite what I said before I think Awe has a very nice sense of humor, not offensive, not 100% alienating, and accompanies it with interesting visuals. It should at least be entertaining to experience his anthics.

So my veredict in the end is...

I know, I'm this cheap to use a reference to the game as a score. Suit yourself.

That's it for today. Hope you buy the game for free! :thonkeye: :thumbup: :sweat_drops: