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New Download Magic Quest, Thank You, bug finders!

  • pianotm
  • 05/20/2021 07:44 PM
This version isn't perfect by any means, but it should be much better!

Special thanks to Iddalai, El_Waka, Deckiller/Decky, Avee, and Coelocanth for spotting glitches. There are likely more to be had, but I shall find them as they reveal themselves.

What I have fixed (I hope):

1. The overlay that limits vision in the dungeons now stays in place until you've fully exited the dungeon...I think.
2. Inn's no longer double fade.
3. Several chests (but I'm sure not all) have been fixed.
4. Both cursed items are once more findable.
5. ATK has been increased on late stage enemies that are just too weak for the intended difficulty of the game.
6. Very minor changes to some lower level armor items.
7. That key dropping monster that that one dwarf speculated existed? That monster is now in the game!
8. Most, hopefully all, text box cutoffs have been fixed.

Unfortunately, I just now realize that I forget to correct the color on the equipment menu that Iddalai pointed out. I can put through yet another download in a few minutes.

EDIT: And it is done. Equipment screen text color has been switched from dark blue to dark red, which is much more readable against black.

Also, I forgot to mention that I lowered the Slime's AGI.