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Get in. Get the McGuffin. Get Out.
Try not to die.

Tesseract quest is a rogue-like adventure with ASCII graphics, designed to be completable in a single play session.
This is a low complexity rogue-like with few keys to remember. If you find the genre intimidating, it may be a good place to start.

You will need to explore a procedurally generated dungeon, fighting your way through hordes of monsters and searching for treasure and better equipment on the way. Learn which monsters are more dangerous and develop your own tactics to manage risk.

There is little to no story in this game, it is a dungeon crawler in the traditions of Rogue and Moria.

With credit to the rot.js toolkit by Ondřej Žára

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  • 04/28/2021 12:20 AM
  • 05/19/2021 08:05 PM
  • 04/28/2021
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RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Here's some feedback:

I really dig this mix between ACII old-school rogue-like with modern effects. Reminds me of Monaco.

I managed to equip a spear, kill a bunch of easy enemies, found a cave or something and got killed by a wolf.

Tried again a couple of times, but I think there were some incompatibilities with my computer since I pressed some keys and they randomly did nothing (like the key to enter dungeons). Which made it frustrating.

I played for some minutes but couldn't beat it. I somehow didn't feel compelled to keep playing this game to the end, but I did manage to beat the other event rogue-like on my second try. Then again, the randomness is a big factor in these games, so that could be it.

I'm not huge on rogue-likes but I think this is a cool little game you got here. Some years ago this would be the type of game people would stealthily run at work to relax a bit ;) Well done!
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