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We live on this platform of dirt and stone, suspended above what, we know not.

The violent, unpredictable ravages of Sky, its contents a mystery as well, scar this Ground we tread...


So begins Sandstone, an adventure set on the turbulent world of Ground.

You take the role of a wanderer, fighting to weather the violent Skystorms, rescue your beloved, and ultimately to unlock the mysteries of Ground, Sky, and yourself.

Your main tool is your hands. They will become progressively tougher and stronger as you smash your way forward, enabling you to pulverize harder stones. Combined with your wits, they will help you complete quests, and unlock new areas and mysteries.

Along the way you will encounter a variety of colorful characters, and make tough choices with real consequences. Though Sandstone is not a long game, it aims to provide a fully realized story and an entertaining, reasonably challenging experience.


- Leave no stone un-smashed.

- Exploration is often rewarded.

- If there's nothing left to do, there's probably something left to smash.

- If there's nothing left to smash, there's probably something left to do or find.

- If there's truly nothing left to smash, do, or find, you may need to try again.

*Let's Play by Sy*

Latest Blog

Sandstone v2.3 Changes

Much thanks to TheRPGMakerAddict for the review, which inspired
the first five changes:

- Exploited cliff shrub tile priority error.

- Added new NPC in Sandstone camp.

- Stopped use of airship from effecting BGM.
(thanks to Zevia for the plugin)

- Added option to process a single Balm to hidden herbalist.

- Slightly altered color of passable grass tile.

- Added final smash at the Ship

- Softer new menu SEs.

- Various map tweeks in Sandstone and Sowthin, others.

- Fixed first stone smashed explaining mechanics twice.

- Fixed lategame bug that caused missing dialog with key characters.

- Fixed bug with abandoned town parralax during Act 2.

- Fixed game-locking bug when Droppre is first met if player moves left immediately after smashing Granite.
  • Completed
  • akoniti
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Action Adventure Puzzle
  • 04/29/2021 07:23 PM
  • 05/13/2021 06:30 PM
  • 07/27/2020
  • 1806
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