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Progress Report

Sandstone v2.3 Changes

Much thanks to TheRPGMakerAddict for the review, which inspired
the first five changes:

- Exploited cliff shrub tile priority error.

- Added new NPC in Sandstone camp.

- Stopped use of airship from effecting BGM.
(thanks to Zevia for the plugin)

- Added option to process a single Balm to hidden herbalist.

- Slightly altered color of passable grass tile.

- Added final smash at the Ship

- Softer new menu SEs.

- Various map tweeks in Sandstone and Sowthin, others.

- Fixed first stone smashed explaining mechanics twice.

- Fixed lategame bug that caused missing dialog with key characters.

- Fixed bug with abandoned town parralax during Act 2.

- Fixed game-locking bug when Droppre is first met if player moves left immediately after smashing Granite.

Progress Report

v1 to v2.2 Changelog

For posterity and consistency, here is the full list of changes so far, transferred from Itch:



- Added sparkle animation to draw attention to Act 3 lava path .

- Added 10 additional shrubs and a HalfBalm in a jug to make things a little more forgiving.

- Added basic description of Fastbalm to Yamm vendor dialog so player has chance of at least vaguely understanding it's benefits before use.

- Changed 'Stonestorm' to 'Skystorm' in several dialog sections that didn't yet reflect the updated name for the occurrance.

- Fixed abandoned fort door dialog (Thanks Goose 3 for the catch)

- Added clue to 'are you sure' prompt before switching from Wrix back to hero; now indicates that player may want to visit someone else before proceeding (Thanks to JJ for the perfect wording)

- Simplified herbalist interactions, player now receives full possible number of balms in one shot. (Thanks to Rubescen & Trihan here.

- Fixed bug where Hough continues to admonish player even after he leaves town to fix his machine.


- Changed title track to 'Capital 1' from the Twilight Shrine Japanese Resource Pack.

- Added additional way to find a hidden herbalist clue.

- Added a little twinkle to the Ruins.

- Fixed thief tent bug (thanks Mark1929 for the find).

- Made Sowthin homeshrub properly climbable (thanks Sy for the original tile priority error find.)

- Made spaikers stand still during Wrix's dialog.

- Switched Sandstone kid from RTP to custom character generator face and sprite.


- Custom tiles and new art added to one ending.

- Finally did something with the Slimes

- ^ on a related note, added new item: Slime Charm

- Replaced RTP with custom Character Generator faces & sprites for nearly all toons. Kept Droppre the same though :)

- Made Fastdust work properly (thanks AdeptusUK )

- New lategame map and encounter in Sowthin (thanks @ Sy )

- Reduced number of Skystones needed, to speed up lategame pacing (thanks @ Kazuki)

- Vast array of small dialog additions and changes, encounter enhancements, and some new minor branches/echoes.

- Small aesthetic changes to Spaikers level.


Big thanks to Sy, who's pro Let Play's taught me much about my own game, and inspired many of the following changes:

- Possible water jug reward

- Added early 'leave no stone unsmashed' prompt

- Named hidden herbalist

- Reduced endgame screen shake

- Lategame motivational actor dialog

- Sowthin statue dialog.

- Updated Credits

- New event at Abandoned Fort door.

- New Game Over screen.

- Many small map updates

- Customized Ruins tile

- Fixed Ruins HP bug

- Fixed various tile priority issues

- Fixed glimmer at Act 3 groundfire persisting if never touched.

- Fixed Malfee lategame dialog

- Fixed various typos.


- Hidden herbalist now fully reveals path to her tent when met.

- Fixed Act 1 slime sometimes blocking key paths.

- Slightly smarter slimes with new rhymes.

- Lowered SE volumes on several animations.

- Resized Title for full fit.

- Lowered footstep volumes in many places.

- Fixed Ruins using wrong tile before interacted with.

- Re-colored Skygod.

- More small map updates.

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