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Millenia ago, a fierce battle was waged for control of an idyllic world known as Pureland. After much fighting, the brave warriors of Pureland were protectively sealed in their own dimension, away from the rest of the universe. This was done by means of Talon, a powerful space craft capable of traveling through both time and space.

Centuries have passed and the would-be Masters of Pureland have managed to create a rift in the galaxy, sending the Pureland Water Entity to devour all that stands in it's path.

You must journey through past, present, and future to find the 13 pieces of the now-divided Talon. Only then can you save the universe from total destruction.

-Preset day-
The Pureland Water Entity appeared and flooded this world's present, past and future. The water brought monsters, which hunted people day and night. Cities fell one by one, covered by the sea... However, a few individuals prepare for a journey that may determine the fate of the world. Behold: the sealed city Dharm. Here three young people sent back as children from the ruins of the future, are living with the Elder. He has reared them together with his own granddaughter.

DISCLAIMER: This game was made with RPG Paper Maker, an engine currently in development. Features are added to the engine usually every month. The game will evolve with the engine.


The most recent demo is meant to show off what the engine is capable of so far. More features are needed in the engine to recreate everything from the original game. Most maps and events will be 1:1 copies but there will also be new content.

All coloring, edits, and new sprites were created by me. Everything else is official game content.


Latest Blog

Update incoming

Someone made a video of the current version and it reminded me how bad it looked compared to the most recent build.

Problem was, the recent build was full of bugs because the engine updated and broke everything. Couldn't even walk on the overworld map and I have no idea why.

So instead I reverted to the last working version of the engine and started getting it ready. I just wanted to ship as is, but I wasn't satisfied with it and went a little overboard in fixing it up.

Since I never used the RPG battle system in this engine it took a lot of learning, but it's almost ready and balanced. It feels like an actual game now, instead of beefed up remake maps with a phoned in battle system.

Everything is tested and balanced up until you get Float. Even with my familiarity I spent close to 2 hours getting there, and I skipped all the exploring for secrets and added side quests. Overall the finished demo should hopefully provide 4+ hours of gameplay when it's finished. All that's left is adding more enemies and skills beyond level 10 and it's ready to go. All the maps are done up to the second boss, Dogra.
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  • 04/30/2021 05:23 AM
  • 06/10/2022 07:33 AM
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Neat :o
I'm not too keen on the 2d/3d mix, but I'll hold my reservations 'til I play it.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Hmm, for a demo this looks interesting. Let's hope you don't get a C&D from Square, since they already remade this game for the 3DS.
The 2D/3D mix is the main selling point here heh I'm not sure why you wouldn't like it, though. I find it, invigorating to an old style. It opens new avenues of gameplay and mapping. Also, this is the same idea as the Paper Mario series.

Trippy good, or trippy bad?

For anyone interested, RPM engine bugs halted work on this. The engine gets regular updates so after enough bugs get fixed and more engine features are ready I'll be picking this up again.
Which bugs were the killers? It would be helpful to know, because it would showcase the engine's current shortcomings.
Which bugs were the killers? It would be helpful to know, because it would showcase the engine's current shortcomings.

Well, it's a lot of little basic things that don't indicate engine shortcomings. Just early bugs that need time to be worked out. In fact, this engine is leaps and bounds above RPG Maker when it comes to "eventing". I could do things in 3 lines of code that would take me 30+ lines in RPG Maker. Great built in features and commands. Everything is customizable and can be re-arranged.

I was reporting bugs directly to the dev on discord and they would get fixed pretty quickly, sometimes within minutes. So kudos to Wano. It's progressing fast.

What killed my momentum on this game was the regular updates, actually. Sometimes several times a month the engine would update and some of my coded functions changed, or had their bugs fixed, meaning my code would need to be updated to match. I was stuck in an endless cycle of updating my code constantly, which created new bugs and I'd have to redesign how I coded stuff. 1 step forward, 2 steps back. After one particular update everything lagged horribly for no apparent reason. There is a built in feature that when you load a project made in an older version of the engine it auto updates the project for the new version, except this doesn't always work properly, then I'm off on another bug hunt.

There are certain core features not available yet(which are coming). Right now you can't make any changes at all the the default battle system, like what the gauges look like or hero positions. No way to alter a map like tile swaps(because it's 3D using events to change how a map looks doesn't always work). Anytime a map needed to change in the slightest way I'd have to make a duplicate map. Things like that which prevent me from doing anything interesting on the maps. Then there were the camera bugs - if you move the camera anywhere then do the reverse action the camera wouldn't end up in the same exact spot which throws off anything that comes after. Among other camera issues, which are set to be updated soon.

Plus I'm still learning how to use some of the unique features of the engine. I made a smaller game jam project after this and figured out some great stuff I can apply to this game. I only work with default features, like someone would use 2k3. There is actually a full plugin/programming language side of the engine that works like scripts in newer RPG Makers. So someone with skill in code might be able to do more, but for the average user using only built in features - these are the problems.

The engine has a patreon and when goals are reached more features are added. There's a big 2.0 update that just got funded recently so it's getting some big new features soon, but some bugs seem to be taking a while to sort out. I'll probably wait at least 4 months before even looking at this again.
Oh, I'm sad that the ongoing development is creating hassles, but I'm glad that it's fully-featured, and will be becoming more powerful and stable in the future.
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