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Game Updates

RPG Paper Maker got a major update so I was able to add a few things:

Correct font, all messages altered to fit the large font size.

Jump. Works like original, 2 spaces forward. There is currently no way to check the ground, meaning you can jump through walls.

Battle events. Like showing a message during battle, on the first turn and when you kill an enemy.

Characters start with equipment, unfortunately only the armor works. Weapons are bugged it seems.

Reworked the intro. Adding flair, correcting bugs, changing some camera angles. Unfortunately new bugs arose.

Added hidden objects. An object that is invisible until you bump into it. A chest here, a cave entrance there.

Working on adding HUD items. First up, a compass that keeps track of which direction the camera is facing. You can choose it's position on the map.

Renaming heroes, although the new names aren't referenced in the dialogue yet.

An NPC that allows you to make changes in game. Currently includes rename hero and set compass HUD position.

Added some cutscenes. A beginning for new content. One example, if you use the battle simulator a few times it will break down, and launch a quest to fix it and learn more about it.

With a new major update expected for RPG Paper Maker in a few weeks it seems like a good time to take a break. Will prepare a new demo in the meantime.


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Added Past and Future maps, some towns and dungeons too.

Fixed most bugs, added polish all around.

Added more monsters.

Added a prototype minigame for kicks, a board game similar to Mario Party.

Added more game options, like set music/sound volume.

In the process of continuing the story beyond the first boss.

Things are moving along.
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