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Update incoming

Someone made a video of the current version and it reminded me how bad it looked compared to the most recent build.

Problem was, the recent build was full of bugs because the engine updated and broke everything. Couldn't even walk on the overworld map and I have no idea why.

So instead I reverted to the last working version of the engine and started getting it ready. I just wanted to ship as is, but I wasn't satisfied with it and went a little overboard in fixing it up.

Since I never used the RPG battle system in this engine it took a lot of learning, but it's almost ready and balanced. It feels like an actual game now, instead of beefed up remake maps with a phoned in battle system.

Everything is tested and balanced up until you get Float. Even with my familiarity I spent close to 2 hours getting there, and I skipped all the exploring for secrets and added side quests. Overall the finished demo should hopefully provide 4+ hours of gameplay when it's finished. All that's left is adding more enemies and skills beyond level 10 and it's ready to go. All the maps are done up to the second boss, Dogra.


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All the coding is done. Just running through the final play tests and fixing up little things. A lot of little things.

Almost there.
Testing is taking forever since the game is reaching 10+ hours. There's no random battles but the ones there can take a while. Plus my computer is slow and the game runs a bit slower, so most people will take less time.

This save file close to the final boss includes grinding enough battles to buy all the equipment.

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