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Detective Waka looked out the window and took a pull from his pipe.

How many years had it been? Two? Three?
The memory of his past actions still haunted him to the point of unconsciously forbidding him the bliss of restful sleep. The shadows projected by objects that were so familiar before now seem to give the impression of movement as soon as he looks away.

His new office, located in one of the most prestigious zones in RMN's business district, overlooked the city giving him a wide range of vision of all it's beautiful splendor. He allowed his eyes to wander around the now small-looking streets that adorned the bottom of the landscape, his reflection on the glass occasionally looking back at him. Each time he looks at it, he cannot recognize himself.

Detective Waka had forgotten his lunch at home.

But that was years ago. It was time to move on.

Who was he? Why was he here? What does he do?

Does anyone even know?

...Suddenly the detective heard Delsin, his loyal secretary with laser eyes and homing missiles, bust through the door. "DETECTIVE! IT'S AN EMERGENCY!".

He felt a jolt of electricity shock his body, returning his astral thoughts back to earth in a violent instant. His demons could wait until later to resume their battle. Duty calls, and he allows NOTHING to stand in the way to solving his case!

This game was made for the 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive, an event hosted on this site where the objective was to create a full game that could fit inside a floppy disk (1.44MB). The end result for me was my first community game.

With original artwork and music from Mirak and Avee, this gameboy game made in GB Studio features various members of RPGMaker.net picked at random from my pool of cool people to unwillingly participate in a small story that is bound to leave a little smile on your face. You do not need to know everyone personally to understand what goes on in the game, but it helps give it a bit more flavor!


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Glad to see the gamepage finally up. As I said here and other places, if you have a GB everdrive. You can actually play this on your gameboy!:

(Gameboy Color/Super Gameboy/GameBoy Advance)

Definitely one of the highlights of the floppy disk event.
Very cool stuff here, a short fun community game, but a surreal experience.
A featured game? ! It's really surprising, congratulations.
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Aaaaaaa event game paaaaaage I totally wanna play this myself. Was a thrill to see this being played on Cash's stream! <3
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
A featured game? ! It's really surprising, congratulations.
I really AM surprised! Thanks! I hope you enjoy the gam!

Aaaaaaa event game paaaaaage I totally wanna play this myself. Was a thrill to see this being played on Cash's stream! <3
Ohh right! I should add Cash's playthrough to Media!

Glad to see the gamepage finally up. As I said here and other places, if you have a GB everdrive. You can actually play this on your gameboy!:

Definitely one of the highlights of the floppy disk event.
Very cool stuff here, a short fun community game, but a surreal experience.
I'm still very grateful that you shared these pics! My mom who doesn't know much of videogames thinks I'm licensed under nintendo for some reason, but that makes her very chippy and happy so I'm glad lol.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Ooh another game to help me rise up the ranks on top 25 game others in stats

Also other people have already said it but this gamepage is awesome as usual (and the game itself was a blast too!)

I’m curious how small text looks with this font

Oh so that’s how
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
If you use font size 8 it'll look just like it does in-game.

Thanks Frogge, I too am looking to rise up in those ranks so good luck to both lmao!
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
I did not consent to getting credited in this game, however, I am more than happy to mooch off of your success, so please keep me in them credits.
Love the page <3. Love the game. And love being a hobo. I wasn't sure when I saw Cash's stream but now I am (if you contacted with me before, I... 5 second memory).

Million makscor, soon. Huehuehue.
Free MS! mufufufufu
I was wondering why the heck I kept getting notifications for this

I work where I don't even know I work!

Also can we stop using tiny font size plz
Wow, this looks incredible!
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
Corfaisus (Melancholic Fisherman)

If only you could see my Old School Runescape activities right now. :3
Detective Waka, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hate Kangaroos. Lol. Awesome page, expect feedback soon.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
This was lovely! I will try to write a review if I get the chance. (Haven't written reviews of stuff in a WHILE, but one day I think I'll go on a big spree of all the games I've played this year. :)
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Here's some feedback:

Using the event creator as a main character to get on his good side, huh? I see... :P

I'm playing this on my DS, through an emulator. That alone is fantastic! Nice going! (I didn't use save states as not to cause any random issues)

The splash screens look gorgeous! Nice detail to add RMN.

The title screen image looks very “Gameboy-ish”!

The text is humorous, but sometimes it tries too hard and misses the funny because of it. It does get into an enjoyable rhythm after a while.

I also think the story segments are too wordy for a game that plays on a small Gameboy screen that displays very little text at a time.
A good example of this is the conversation with Frogge before going to Australia by bus. It's a really long conversation and if you decide against taking the bus to save first, you have to go through all of it again and notice how long it is.

The graphics looks super appealing and make a good use of the Gameboy color palette. Really great work by Mirak and Avee (and everyone else I haven't heard about before).

I like how you can examine almost anything and it will say something amusing.

In most screens you can only enter from the park/garden with the animals, but in the East screen I can actually follow the road South into a new screen. I found this out by accident since in all the other screens with roads, they lead nowhere. A good solution would be to put cars or other objects at the end of those roads to justify not being able to go there so that the player attempts to go South on that one road, otherwise they may not even try it.
Honestly, it's not a big deal in this game since you can enter both locations from different places, but it's a good idea to keep the game rules consistent.

Out of all the Gameboy event games, this one has the best music! It's all quite acceptable and fits the locations well.

I started with the action RPG dungeon. The sword swings look janky and the gameplay lacks the satisfaction that usually comes from slaying foes in this type of gameplay (since the animation is very limited and there's little to no sound effects). BUT! It is functional and works for the game, I also have to take into consideration the time-frame for the event.

There's an issue here where slain enemies can still attack the hero despite being dead.

The top of this particular slice of cake uses a color very similar to the ground color, making it hard to identify what it is (could be an issue from my setup).

Why is Cash a villain!? :O

I love the slime sprite!

“Go do the thing.” Is a great line for a locked door to say.

Having different styles of gameplay was a great idea!

I love the turn-based RPG section presentation. The graphics are specially charming.

I used Slash but it didn't cost MP the first time for some reason, then the next time I used it, it cost 5 MP. This only happened once, so it could be a random thing.

I wanted to be able to read the notice on Ozzy's building, but there's nothing there.

Given the context of the event, this was a pretty well planned game for the time-frame. It just has just enough content, areas and gameplay. Cool-yo.

Finally went for the platforming section. It appears that this one is the worst out of all the gameplay sections due to bad hit detection and weird physics.

All of the GB Studio games have this issue, but the functions for buttons B and A should be inverted to be consistent with all other plaforming games on the Gameboy.

The platforming is very slippery and not very easy to control. Most Gameboy games had weird platforming physics though. I can get used to it.

However, one thing that truly dampens the enjoyment is how broken the enemy hit-detection is. I got hit by an enemy when I had a huge gap (the size of the hero sprite) between me and them. Other time I jumped on top of an enemy and it died but still killed me somehow.

In closed spaces I expect to hit the ceiling when jumping, but outside I don't expect to hit a ceiling since there's only sky above, so that caught me off guard.

During the cattle section I got my first game over in the game. If the hit-detection was better I would probably have enough lives to beat that section on the first try. What killed me was a jump where I first hit the ceiling and went into the water.

I'm not quitting here though. After all, it was just my first game over and I think I learned how to compensate for the hit-detection (although it would be better if you fixed it somehow, if that's even possible to do with this engine).

It was pretty kind of you to restart me from the cattle section instead of forcing me to play the platforming section from the start! Just what a short, fun, community game should strive for.

I feel like the platforming sections weren't as hard as people have been complaining about. I played through some platforming Gameboy games recently that were actually hard. I guess people aren't used to playing challenging platforming games any more.
Your platforming section was pretty manageable, challenging enough but not unreasonable in any way, what made it harder to complete was the enemies randomly killing me even when I didn't touch them.

I beat it on my second try.

I wouldn't eat any cake that glows in the dark! That shit is radioactive yo!

Time to speak with everyone once again. I like how you made dialogue after every slice and how some conversations follow a mini-story. It adds quality to the game.

The ending image looked pretty cool! Even though I wouldn't touch that cake with a 3 foot pole!

Nice to see another game with a credit sequence. I like credit sequences, it makes the game feel complete.

You misspelled Avee's name on the credits, by the way.

LOL at the NEW GAME + joke!

This was a fun little game that I enjoyed much! Considering the time-frame, it's quite an achievement in planning and completion! Congrats!


...however, I didn't show up in the game. Therefore it sucks!!!!!

Gamepage is also pretty great!
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