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FRIENDS is a game where you wake up in a strange world surrounded by strange creatures, and the only way you know how to survive is to make friends, or die trying. Or maybe you dont, sometimes people don't want friends, sometimes people don't want to be friends.

Fight your way through friends and enemies alike, taking matters into your own hands in a distant unknown future. Travel into your own mind and discover secrets and hidden paths that might lead you to finding out more about your situation. Is there a point? Do you know why you're here? Are there really any answers?

- Custom OST made mainly by me with a few tracks from some friends
- Custom graphics
- Ticking hp (earthbound style)
- Around an hour or more of gameplay
- Multiple paths

This is a WIP game, so far the first part is finished, but I'm working constantly to fix bugs and add more content. I'm not sure how long the game will be but currently, it is around an hour long depending on what path you take.

Download on itchio! DOWNLOAD

Soundtrack here! OST

Latest Blog

first little update

so since i uploaded the game, ive already found a lot of little things that need fixing, and some other things that needed to be done awhile ago.

heres a short handy dandy list telling what ive done
-fixed some text clipping off the side of the box (still sometimes happens tho)
-added new faces to some of the NPCs so you dont get them mixed up
-added more music
-readjusted skill damage and cost
-readjusted enemy and player HP and mana and all that
-fixed a bug where an optional boss would constantly heal himself and you could never beat it
-replaced default character portrait with new custom one
-new area (at end of demo)
-new "ending"

thats about it :D
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  • 05/02/2021 03:41 PM
  • 05/17/2021 06:19 AM
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