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Rome Protector is a hack and slash game made for the 1.44 Floppy Disc Drive Event.

Your are a centurion, protector of Rome and master at wielding your gladius. You'll crush the enemies of the Empire with all your might.

The game focuses on well timed swordplay and fluid movement to step in an out of danger.

Default controls:
* Arrows keys to move
* Right Ctrl to swing your gladius
* F4 to toggle fullscreen on/off

You can remap the controls to your linking in the Settings menu from the game title screen.

Latest Blog

A few improvements and bug fix

Hi all,

Rome Protector got a few improvements in player movement and I fixed a sprite orientation bug.

Enjoy !
  • Completed
  • Irog
  • Custom
  • Action Simulation
  • 05/06/2021 06:40 PM
  • 08/30/2023 01:53 PM
  • 06/04/2021
  • 7740
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RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Here's some feedback:

After all these turn-based RPGs, it's cool to chill out with some action hack and slash.

I like the graphics, did you make them yourself? The animations are quite cool.

This is a pretty functional action engine, sometimes the hit-detection was a bit off, but never frustratingly so.

I managed to kill 106 enemies before loosing all my health.

It gets quite hard after a while and I stupidly went north and was swarmed by 30 enemies or so. Had no chance! :P

Cool little game! Just mindless action fun. Bonus points for using a different engine (if you programmed it yourself than I'm even more impressed!) and for being able to run on my computer without any issues!
Hello iddalai

Thanks for your feedback on Rome Protector ! I'm glad you like my game.

A lot of great artists share their creations at https://opengameart.org . I simply selected some excellent graphics that build a coherent aesthetic. You can find the list of artists in the credits section of the ReadMe file.

Good job for killing 106 enemies. In Rome Protector, the difficulty curve comes from the enemy spawning rate. The more enemies you've defeated, the faster new ones come.

I programmed the game engine myself but I reused a lot of code from Wizard apprentice Lya.
When the floppy event started I had been working on a new movement system for Lya and it was entering its early test phase. For the event, I decided to expand this prototype with what Lya lacked: a melee system. Some functions look identical but are completely rewritten like picking up potions from the loaded map data for Lya vs picking up potions from random drop on the corpses in Rome. Some functions need improvements to properly move the enemies or to display death animations and sword swing animations. If one day you see Lya swing a summoned fire sword, you'll know when I experimented with a melee system.

Which version of the game did you play (event or game page) ?
What color were the slimes you fought ?
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Sorry for the late reply, I only noticed this now!

Don't mention it!

That's a cool website, I should have paid more attention to the credits section in the readme file. My bad.

Ooh, cool, sounds like a dynamic difficulty. The better you are the more challenging it gets.

Even with reused code, it's really impressive that you managed all that in 2 weeks.

It's cool that you found a way to include this event in your melee experiments for another project. I think it worked well since Rome seems very much like it's own thing.

I played the event version.
I think the slimes were green.

I downloaded Lya and will try it out in a few days and let you know what I think in the gamepage, if that's OK with you.
The event version was a bit rushed. The game page version has better enemy pathfinding, better player sword swing and no more green slime moving over green grass to hit you off-guard.

I downloaded Lya and will try it out in a few days and let you know what I think in the gamepage, if that's OK with you.

Please do! Feedback is always good!
The best I could do was defeating 170 Gauls Slimes and Vandals Bees. What causes the slime colors to change? My best run was with purple slimes.
170! You're a great gladius wielder!

The event version has green slimes. The updated game page version has purple slimes. I changed the slime color to better see them moving over green grass. The game page version also benefits from various improvements.

My best run was with purple slimes.
Thanks a lot for this info! It means that the sword swing improvement does work.
That's weird. I had green slimes then purple, but it was the same download. Does it present the player with one version or the other randomly?
Very weird indeed! The game only displays the slimes as they appear in the file Rome/Common/slime1.png
The file Rome/Common/slime2.png could turn the slimes black and white. It was only used to show slime taking damage when the slimes had multiple HP in pre-release tests.

Every time an enemy spawn, the game randomly picks a bee or a slime but should not alter its color.

What is the color of the slime in the file Rome/Common/slime1.png of your copy of the game?

Could you send me some screenshots showing the color issue? (via links to a few locker files)
slime1.png is a purple slime.
It's not a big issue. I was just curious why the color changes x)
So you have the most recent version of the game and it should only trow bees and purple slimes at you.

I'm also curious. So if you send screenshots, that would help me fix this visual bug.
I haven't been able to get the green slimes to appear anymore. Weird, since it's been the same download all along.

My new record is 233 >=)
Rome is safe!
Thanks for the screenshot.

Let's assume that the superior purple slimes decimated the inefficient green slimes!

I'm glad to see that you're having fun slicing the enemies of Rome.

I should find a way for the players to compete for the highest kill count. As of today, you're the best!
... oh? Is that also from to you... somewhat these mappings seens nice, but ... standard at y...
It was the first time I used this tileset. And to be honest, my mapping skill need improvements.
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