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An exploration heavy turn-based rpg where you collect several part members with a battle system centered around status effects, as you discover different ways of how scumbags justify their actions and how you could sympathize with them by learning the troubles they went through.


After 9 years in prison, Egor was called from his cell and was called out by the admiral of the country's military. He was told by the admiral that under the king's decision, he was selected to be one of the few prisoners to help with the country's current situation. The situation being that distorted looking creatures have been causing havoc to the entire country, as people take advantage of the situation resulting in a large amount of human casualties.


Z - to Confirm/ Interact

X - to Open Menu

Hold Shift - to Run, when running off ledges you will hop forward

Left & Right Keys - Horizontal Movement

Up & Down Keys - Hold up and Press Z to Hop up ledges and Hold down & Press Z to Hop down ledges


Story - Kiyopawn

Graphics - Kiyopawn

Music - Kiyopawn

Plugins - Tor Damian Design, Galenmereth, Yanfly, SilverKnightArcher, SumRndmDde, Galv Scripts, HimeWorks, Astfgl, Blackmorning

RpgMakerMV - Enterbrain

Latest Blog

Minor Bug Fix!

Just fixed a bug where you get soft locked after recruiting one of the members.
Also, an equipment with incorrect stat gains.


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Game is weird and good, I will keep watching.
Looks cool but I am uncertain between playing this demo or waiting...
Play the demo and see for yourself, waiting for the full game is waiting for a long time. Only the first chapter is out and I'm planning for around 8.
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