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After 9 years in prison, Egor was called from his cell and was called out by the admiral of the country's military. He was told by the admiral that under the king's decision, he was selected to be one of the few prisoners to help with the country's current situation. The situation being that distorted looking creatures have been causing havoc to the entire country, as people take advantage of the situation resulting in a large amount of human casualties.

As Egor sets out on his journey, he meets new friends, old friends, and new enemies as he deals with the delusions he fights with on a daily basis.

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Latest Blog

Sorry for lack of updates in here but... Progress Update.

Just finished remaking all of the basic Chapter 1 sprites, not their iterations or animations and also finished a segment of the main part of the intro sequence. Here's a video of a dev log where I go into the intro sequence bit that I've done.


Also, if you see this and want to keep up with very frequent updates. Join the subreddit, I post at least like once or twice a week.



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Game is weird and good, I will keep watching.
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