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After a sudden alien attack aboard the Starship Festivus, it's up to starbaby Violet to find gear, unlock areas, defeat the invaders, and rescue the crew.

Help Violet save the day!


Described by Beregon as "a puzzle disguised as an action game", Starbaby typically takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Created for the Driftwood Gaming 6th Annual Build Your Own Game Jam.


- ENTER or left-click to attack, interact with objects.

- ESC, Right-click, or Numpad-0 to access the Menu

- Movement with arrow keys or mouseclicks.


- To attack, move adjacent to and face an enemy, then press ENTER or click them.

- Both the enemy and Violet will take damage from each attack...she is squishy.


- Keep a close eye on your HP gauge.

- Save anytime in case you need to try something again.

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  • Completed
  • akoniti
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Action Puzzle
  • 05/13/2021 05:40 PM
  • 05/19/2022 07:38 PM
  • 03/16/2021
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Not sure if the option selection color is too dark compared to the background of the screens.


Aw, peaceful far future!

Happy ship name, Festivus!


"Gerber Quadrant."

Is it...

"Huggies Nebula"

It is! HA!


Meowk! Lol milk.

Owies buh-bye! Never had to use it. Healing station ftw!


Baby sounds when interacting! Nice!


How do I manage to push a teddy bear up to hit the button to turn off the gate?? Space physics means gravity is weak?


So, getting a Pokey-wokey keeps the aliens from auto-damaging me on contact? Very useful.

And killing one costs me some health depending on how difficult they are. Very much a Sandstone feel! Interesting!

Sometimes the weakest take 20 HP, other times 15. Strange? Random? Or dependent on killing the orange guy? Nope, just sorta random. Not too annoying, just need to keep track of numbers.


And strategic alien corpse creation keeps enemies from moving at me...

But trying a pacifist run. Took me so long to find the explosive! I thought I tried interacting with it before. I guess not.

And wow, it's a very plain description. Ominous.


Met-o Jam jams!


And now she looks like the game image! Wow that's big armor. Hehe.


I guess I can't Pacifist this. Gotta kill all the oranges to unlock the path forward, for one thing.

And the boss, but that's it. Don't gotta kill the lowest levels.


Barely any dialogue, all pictoral emotions! Very baby! Nice!


I thought Violet was calling the purple-haired adult in the beginning room mama, and the other was gonna be papa, but no. Ah well.
Aw, peaceful far future!

Happy ship name, Festivus!

Heyooo, thanks for playing another one of mine Malandy!

lol yes space physics can explain virtually anything that wouldn't normally make sense...be it with puzzles, gameplay, story, even bugs! :)

I'll have to look into the 15/20 damage item...it's all done by a string of common events so should be consistent (until you get the jam-jams, then all damage is reduced).

Glad you like the baby sounds! It was funny finding and editing them, what a mad couple weeks it was working on this one.

Yeah one of the jam themes I chose was babies (my original vision was of a baby tossing a grenade), so after the intro it's all sounds and symbols to match Violet's perspective. I'm glad to learn you made the connection!

Thanks again for playing, stay awesome!

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