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Now in Beta! Axial features a unique turn based battle system that revolves heavily on customization and synergy to ensure your team is equipped for any challenge. With its enthralling story, unique pixel art, Game Boy themed aesthetic, and energetic chiptune soundtrack, Axial is the perfect game for fans of classic JRPGs.

Synopsis: Stardust City, XX97. The world has been plagued by fleshy creatures the locals have dubbed "Eaters" for years, and yet the biggest threat to the city isn't the monsters... it's the people who swore to fight them. The Agency, an all-in-one governing body hiding in the sky-piercing tower of Astral Point, are the true source of the city's problems... and three heroes are about to change that.

This Beta features all of the game's content including the complete story and all optional bosses, but may feature some bugs or errors. If you're interested in testing the game, feel free to contact me at magnumkid11@gmail.com, or on Twitter @AxialRPG!

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O-a8BPFVtxrTxllMIVGsdoP0Qy2uH3-m/view?usp=sharing

Estimated Length: Approx. 13 Hours, but there is a good deal of optional content that could cause play time to vary.

Development Stage: Demo is Gold, Final Game is in BETA! (Two audio tracks and a couple animations are missing, but the game is otherwise fully playable!)

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