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Background Story:
A very long time ago, at the dawn of time, two very powerful entities competed for primacy over the universe. Since the fight never ended, they decided to end the fight by sealing a pact of alliance so that the conflict between light and darkness would cease forever. The two entities, before resting forever, built a very high lighthouse in the land that man would one day inhabit as a symbol of their undying struggle and sealed the pact with an eclipse, then placed their power inside it: thus the Eclipse Power was born.

The world remained in constant equilibrium for entire eons, sustained by the splendor of the lighthouse until the era of humanity arrived. His light would have given man the warm embrace of love and his creative will, while the darkness would let him know the value of pain and the life force that flowed from it...

Three playable characters, 12 classes and 250 skills in total with 15-20 hours of total gameplay. On top of that 200 up weapons to choose and over 250 pieces of armour. Eight dungeons to explore, rich in puzzles and battles with hundreds of enemies. An interesting story, nice minigames and a large amount of objects complete the scenario.

The style chosen for the game is like RPG maker XP, with big characters to give them much intensity in the story.

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  • Puzzle Strategy Adventure RPG
  • 05/19/2021 08:53 PM
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  • 10/25/2021
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