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Welcome to Plunderer! The chill dungeon crawler you barely even have to play!

You are PFX, the high-tech robot specialising in exploration, expedition, and excavation. As if galvanized by some unknown force, you set off on a journey down the desolate caverns, walking and battling and walking and looting and more walking. Why do all this, you may ask? Well, PFX didn't really think about it. However, rumors speak that an unknown entity by the title of 'Scrap God' may be responsible...

But that's besides the point, what lies ahead is a mix of on-rails dungeon crawling and RPG, where players can outfit PFX with loadouts of special Chips that'll aid it throughout its journey. Every step taken, devious trap avoided, area explored, chest looted, and enemy encounter can cause Chips to react and provide skills and benefits. Developing unique, specialised builds is the point of the game, after all. Want to get the most out of the treasure chests PFX opens? How about turning PFX into a deadly fighter? Or even a gold farmer? Chances are - there's a build for that. Create all sorts of unique combinations and synergies for maximum Auto-Crawling optimization!

Inspired by the unlikeliest of sources, Plunderer is the premier 'Auto-Crawler' of the generation. For those wondering what an Auto-Crawler is, here's an excerpt from the game's imaginary instruction manual:

'Plunderer is a game divided into two parts: A menu screen for preparation, and the main dungeon gameplay, where PFX proceeds... well... automatically. Players are urged to basically sit there and watch this funny little robot walk around. But that's not all, various dangers lurk in the dungeons ahead, waiting to harm, maim, strike, emotionally target and bully this poor bot around..."

The instruction manual then segues into a list of various precautions and side effects of owning a PFX excavation bot. Onto the next page:

"When PFX takes a step in dungeons, special neural devices target a single Chip it has installed, gains points depending on the Chip's special parameters, and may activate its own skill. Subsequent steps rotate the target to the next Chip installed. This repeats before completing the loop and returning to the first Chip. PFX must carry 8 Chips at a time or else the game breaks it suffers from unwanted ego death."

"To increase PFX's chance at survival, players command PFX via Oregon Trail-like choices that pop up from time to time. These decisions always carry an element of risk: Treasure chests may be rigged with explosives, and extra explore-able areas may leave undesired effects like dysentery - but by golly, there is LOOT to plunder! And PFX is specifically made for that, no? The commander's decisions will be the biggest factor in PFX's journey from the beginning of this mysterious cavern to the very depths."

This is the most important aspect of Plunderer, and also the most complicated. The instruction manual reads:

"Special excavation chips are needed to make the most out of PFX's plundering, they can be found in loot drops or purchased at your local retailer. Chips are divided into 3 types:


Specialise in combat and ever-so-important points


Specialise in healing and preventing damage both physical and existential


Specialise in speed and other factors

Each of these 3 types may have abilities that alter other Chips as well, not just for helping PFX out. Put together special loadouts of complementary Chips and create your own ideal PFX today!"

Latest Blog

v1.1.2, The True Auto Update

Hello again! Another bugfix, balancing, and QoL update, and this time I remembered what changed!:

- Auto Mode added, now the game can be played correctly!
- Added an option to automatically skip text to keep gameplay as autonomous as possible
- Options menu added, sounds basic because it really is
- Most text boxes have been replaced by convenient little icon popups to keep gameplay flowing smoothly
- Score Gain+ and Heat Gain+ abilities buffed to the moon and back!
- Removed and substituted a few low-tier specialty types (round loss, battle start, and dungeon start), they won't be missed :)))))))
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  • 05/22/2021 07:28 PM
  • 06/18/2021 04:20 PM
  • 05/22/2021
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