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v1.1.2, The True Auto Update

Hello again! Another bugfix, balancing, and QoL update, and this time I remembered what changed!:

- Auto Mode added, now the game can be played correctly!
- Added an option to automatically skip text to keep gameplay as autonomous as possible
- Options menu added, sounds basic because it really is
- Most text boxes have been replaced by convenient little icon popups to keep gameplay flowing smoothly
- Score Gain+ and Heat Gain+ abilities buffed to the moon and back!
- Removed and substituted a few low-tier specialty types (round loss, battle start, and dungeon start), they won't be missed :)))))))


v1.1.1 released!

Yes, another update! More bugfixes, balancing and QoL.

I've tried my best to trim down the file size this time. If this causes any errors, please let me know!


v1.1 released!

NEW bugfix and balance update! The game should be a little more punishing now >:)

As always, feedback is much appreciated!


Tutorials are the hardest part of making a game, change my mind.

Hello there!

I finally updated the game profile page thingy to be a little more presentable(?) (very tentative)

For those actually willing to give this a try (or not), please try the tutorial section and send feedback. This is kinda complex, and if there are still questions left outstanding after reading, it means the tutorial is subpar.

This tutorial will need to be as comprehensive as possible, so feedback is very very (very(very(very))) much appreciated!
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