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False Awakening is a dark, psychological, story-focused game about a young man stuck inside his dream, unable to wake up from it.

This is a story based in a modern setting, of Salik (a young man), as he becomes lucid in his dream. Normally, lucid dreaming would excite and wake him up, but this time... it's different. He's able to continue dreaming, easily. As he bends reality, flies around, plays a hero... all inside his dream. He starts to wonder... just when, or if ever, he'll wake up to reality again.

The story utilizes concepts like lucid dreams, false awakening, signs of dreaming, time distortion, sleep paralysis... and other sleep and dream related concepts. (If you don't know them; no need to Google. It's all explained in the game itself.)

This is the first episode, (out of total three) with a playtime of around 25-30 minutes. You simply walk from one point to the next, read dialogues, and progress through the story.

The original release date of this game was back in April 2018. (My first game, made in 4 months.)

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Another trippy game that appears like a movie, great. It's really cool you do something like that in RPG Maker.
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