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False Mercy is a short, narrative driven game about a sinner's afterlife, as he waits for judgment day. Consisting of dark, psychological, and religious themes.
(The religious themes, are mainly meant to setup how the afterlife functions in this game's story.)

The protagonist dies in an old age. But after death, he finds himself conscious and young, in a dark place, guided by an angel of light. He is lead to a room, where he waits... waits for judgment day. But this isn't any meaningless, empty room. Rather, It's full of objects. Objects that remind our protagonist what exactly he gathered and achieved in his life. His knowledge, how he used it, what he cared about most, and what he spent his free time on. It's all there, in this room... so he can judge himself, before someone else can.
And you, the player... how will you judge him?
What will the consequence be of these judgments? Does any deed in this afterlife even matter, now that life is done and settled? Can any action you take now, flip the tables for you on judgment day?
And in this afterlife, in these judgments, will there be any room... for some mercy?

You simply walk from one place to the next, interact, read dialogue, and progress through the story. (No battle system, no choices. This game is a 'linear' experience.)
With a solid 10 minutes of playtime.

Note: This is only ACT I of the game. With ACT II & III coming much later. (The script is ready. I've jumped to another project, False Server. And will come back to this one after I complete that first. Do be sure play this, as it's a polished experience as is.)

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Wow, this is really well done and the music really kicks a whole bunch of asses. Hope you finish the other episodes one day.
I am very much looking forward to new episodes, in the meantime, in 2 player games, there are also interesting game episodes.

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