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False Server is a dark, psychological, story-driven game about a game developer launching his discord server, while a pandemic is going on outside in the real world.

It's year 2037, there's another pandemic going on outside, and Discord has gone full virtual reality. Salik, a game developer (specifically, an RPG Maker user) has been working on his own server for 3 weeks. And today, is the day to launch it off, and open it to public. It just needs a final check-through, to make sure there aren't any bugs left.
And so the story begins: Lose your admin access, and check through the server as a normal member. As you do... someone might send a DM. Feel free to respond, and then get back to checking the server again. As you continue... you might want to keep an eye on what's going on outside. Some breaking news might be happening relating to the pandemic. Shouldn't be affecting you though, right? It's just everyday news.
Carry on... in your virtual reality. Far separate from the outside reality.

This story is based upon true events I experienced in the three weeks I spent creating my discord server (for the RPG Maker community). And some of the interesting things I came to learn about in this period.

You simply walk from point A to B, interact, read dialogues, and progress through the story.
The tech-demo features around 45 minutes of content.


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