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“A shadow looms over the small Kingdom of Nohrica and not even the Burgmarkian Guard seems capable of dealing with all the turmoil threatening the once peaceful country.

There are a thousand stories coming from far away places about the Hackers, powerful mercenaries ready to face any challenge (... for a generous payment!).

It seems as good a time as any to test the veracity of those legends!”

※ Game Information ※

Ruin Hacker is a tactical role-playing game focused on party and equipment management and also treasure hunting.

Taking control of a band of adventurers, you must complete a number of quests to progress through the game. Instead of maps featuring large scale battles, every quest will challenge you to progress through different areas divided in smaller sections with the aim to complete each quest's objective.

Most weapons, armors and valuable items are randomized and obtainable by defeating enemies, finding treasures and as quest rewards. Consequently, all quest can be repeated and each area offers different branching paths.

※ Game Features ※

  • Assemble your party wisely and guide them to victory!

  • Master your skills to succeed in challenging tactical battles!

  • Several characters (classes) to recruit and train!

  • Randomized loot! Including treasures, weapons, armors and quest rewards.

  • Branching paths! Revisit previous cleared quests to fully explore each area.

※ Launch Trailer ※

Latest Blog

Version 1.0.1 (Small Fix)

  • "HV" for one of the enemies was adjusted.

Special thanks to Koff for mentioning it!
  • Completed
  • kainworks
  • Sim RPG Maker 95
  • Tactics RPG
  • 06/03/2021 09:11 AM
  • 04/18/2023 12:03 AM
  • 02/02/2023
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Finally I found out where to go for the best ending. I was bound and determined not to have to ask for help, and I can't believe I walked past it like 4 times, ending up searching practically the entire game. For whatever reason, I just didn't notice that dark patch in the Woods until I stopped to stare at the screen for a moment looking for discrepancies.
I wonder what would've been there if I brought the Explorer before giving the book to Alphonsus.
I was a little surprised that the last-last battle with the Lesser Demons was unwinnable and you had to give them back the book. I tried going for broke, but once there were 17 or so on screen I relented. Maybe if I save-scum a party with 60 HP and 30 in all stats I could win x)

Anyway, that was some good TRPGing >:) My final posse was Gladiator, Enchanter, Marauder and Crusader. Enchanter never left my party because if he wasn't cooking enemies, he put them to sleep so others could wail on them. The Crusader's Atako spell is OP. Even the Enchanter with a Magic Wand could one-hit most enemies once he was buffed x) The Maurauder is unfortunately like a Blue Mage in Final Fantasy. You have to keep him around or you'll miss things. Luckily he rolled some great levels and held his own. Gladiator was nothing special though. I mostly kept him around because he's the 'protagonist' or front-man of the group, but I could've just as easily used the Wanderer.

My only complaint would be that equipment, despite being randomized in when you find it, is still very linear. The Gladiator only equips swords, and there's only Sword, Sword +1 and Sword +2. It would've been more dynamic if everyone had a range of equippable weapons, and then weapons had other properties too. Anti-Zombie sword, anti-Lycan axe, higher Attack-lower Speed variants, just for examples. Armor had this going for it a bit, but I ended up giving everyone Leather Armor because the differences were too small and it didn't add weight.
Also, the currency is useless :D
*** Oh! *_* Thank you, so SO much for persevering until the very end!! I'm beyond thrilled, honestly! ^^ ***

That's actually possible! If you bring him after/before that scene, you'll reach a different variant of the same map, similar to the rest the woods but with no enemies and just a few graves with some inscriptions on it. A bit of... foreshadowing! ^^ And about the Lesser Demons... I dare you to try it! Those last bits were more whimsical than anything really, lol

It's always interesting (and amusing!) to learn about the final parties of those who've played the game and their impressions of each member! So far, everyone seems to have their own end-game setup, which makes me really happy since that was the whole point. Balancing the classes was a very intense and draining ordeal and I took it very seriously, basically because I really wanted people to pick the group that fitted better their "style". I wasn't really sure how much they would enjoy swapping members around because *glitches* aside, it's a bit of an investment, so I hope experimentation was "rewarding"... to some extent... at least, lol!. The poor Gladiator ended up being a bit of a "poster boy trap"... people use him without really knowing why, lol. I'm relieved to finally learn about the Crusader, since I guess the "other one" proved to be more "popular", so I'm happy he was able to serve his role! (I personally have a soft spot for that character, for some reason).

Now! The weapon, armor and random loot system... I think I redid the whole of it at least 5 times. It was way harder to decide HOW to do it than actually doing it, lol. I was never entirely happy with one thing or another and there was a lot of "wrestling" with the engine (which is fantastic - you very well know that - specially IF you don't get overly ambitious) but one of the main "issues" was that I RAN OUT of items in the database (because I kept adding stuff like
that I don't know if anyone ever found out what it was for, lol). That limited A LOT of the scope I had initially in mind and influenced everything else with the game. It sucked at first, but you gotta make what you can with what you got... and I settled with that. ^^

Anyway, once again, thank you, so, so, much for playing it! Considering your experience with this stuff, your opinion really means a lot and if you found something to like I believe it was worth a little going through all that to put this out, lol. ^^
Oh, so the Maledictor is a good unit? When I got him, Crusader was 20/20 and a party staple. I wasn't willing to give him up so I gave Maledictor over to the Shining Fist without even trying him :P

I forgot about that dumb 100 item limit. It's such a limiting factor because you have to plan ahead while deving or you'll run out of room quickly. So annoying.
I found out what the WISH does but only by fluke. It was during the "Where am I supposed to go phase" and Vicar took it on the chin from one of those summoned mini-demons in the desert while Marauder with +2 movement was trying to dash to the next area. I decided to proceed and just not save to see what was ahead, so I got to see it activate. It'd be worth hinting that to the player somehow so they can plan for it. Until then, I thought it was an event item like the Ornate Keys. I would even move units to water's edges on the off chance it activated a fairy pond or something x)

All in all, it was a blast. It did get a little repetitive when I had to redo maps to fully explore them, only to find things largely the same but it wasn't a big deal.
I kinda wish I could open it up in the maker and poke around >:) I didn't even know you could package it like that. Stupid me just sends out games in full dev mode so people can change whatever. Luckily there's only two guys in the english speaking world who can use the program >:D
Kinda the opposite to the Crusader (though I mostly see him as an "Anti-Vicar", lol), which means is more magic oriented, debuffs and things like that!

Yeah, I learned about that limit the hard way, which is funny because I wasn't expecting to fill up the whole item database! It probably could have been better thought out from my side, but I was afraid of breaking the drop system and such for a third time. I also found one strange glitch! Initially, after unequipping the Marauder - probably because of the number he occupies in the database - the game kept adding a different item to the inventory instead of the one it was removed. It was super hard to replicate and I lost so many hours only on that... It took me a while to realize it wasn't me doing something stupid so I just ended up assuming it was a bug with the engine (I did, however, manage to fix it by adding and reading the character once he joined it... super random!).

I guess I went a bit overboard with that stuff... I kinda wanted players to learn and discover most things by themselves... though by the time you learn about stuff like the *WISH*es they hardly matter anymore, lol! I guess this isn't an approach that everyone likes, and that's OK! I had other ideas in mind too... but I didn't want to make things more obtuse than they already were, perhaps! (and eventing on SimRPG isn't exactly a joy if you're aiming for some kind of... complexity, lol). But yeah, I understand its shortcomings! xD

Glad you did! Really, learning about people discovering all these little things feels like the biggest reward! ^^

I can easily fix that! Besides, I owe you for the excellent help file I believe you worked on (everything was amazingly explained) which really helped a lot. I usually package the games this way because a) I believe it looks kinda neat and b) some of them have have music from other people that I legally bought so it isn't so much like I absolutely don't want anyone to peek inside the project or anything, lol. I even imported a copy of the engine once I decided I wanted to use it... yeah, I'm a bit like that, ^^U.
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