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A Year-End Progress Report!

Happy Holidays, y'all!

I haven't really made any progress report on here since forever! Normally, around this time, I would have liked to release a demo of sorts (as I generally plan to do when the game takes a lot longer to develop, as it's been the case!). Instead, I'm just pushing to complete the game and release it fully sometime during 2022 (something that shouldn't take "much" longer, I keep telling myself!), so in the meantime here's a small compilation of character and enemy designs plus some gameplay snippets for all those interested on seeing how things are going with Ruin Hacker!


From left to right, we have the Gladiator, the Battler, the Enchanter and the Vicar on their "new" incarnations! These four are actually the initial party, but the game will include some other familiar classes for those who might have played some of my previous projects (and some completely new as well!).


Here's some small selection of enemies that I've been posting mainly on twitter. I think I got the full roster covered, although since working on this is probably what I like the most (unless I'm utterly uninspired, which happens often!) I might include some new extra ones to fill some free slots.


Here's some gameplay "footage" to get some better idea of how the game works (or, well, some parts of it!) There's still some work to do, particularly regarding balancing and story presentation (what little there is... as you might have guessed, this ain't a narrative heavy game either!).

Thanks a lot for reading this far! Hopefully it was time well spent! Also... apologies for my lack of skill at presenting my own stuff, I'll promise to try better next time! ^^U

Special and HUGE THANK YOUs to all of you who have been supporting the project in here and/or elsewhere. You guys really keep me going! XXX


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GOD i love how your games look so much............can't wait for this one to come out, wishing you the best of luck with the remaining work >:)
Ahhh, thank you, so so much! I've been having several breaks for several reasons, but it's going forward, which is what matters! lol

I'm roughly halfway through it... so I definitely need that extra energy to finishing putting things together.
And obviously, I can't wait for you to see it!
Great job so far! I really like your games and I'm excited for 『RUIN HACKER』 next year!
Oh, thank you so, so much Rouhana! ^^ That's really kind of you and I feel really honored! I totally mean it. I'll be working harder from now on!!

Also, good luck releasing EXCALIBURIAN!! on Steam! I'm happy seeing all the well-deserved love your game is getting!
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