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QUEST CLEARED! - The game's completed!

Hey ya'll!

So, as the title implies, the game's now completed and available. I'm a mixture between happy, relieved, anxious, excited and don't know what else!

OK, let's focus for a moment.

The truth is, I've been working on this project for the good part of... how long has it been? Two years? I took several breaks during the process so it isn't like two full years of manpower but yeah, time reaaally does fly.

This was the first time I've tried both, working on a Tactical/Strategy RPG and using Sim RPG Maker 95. As it usually happens, it started really small, but I was having so much fun playing around with the engine that well, I can now say this is probably the biggest thing I've done (content-wise). Initially, I had some reservations but SimRPG95's learning curve wasn't as step as I thought it might be (and honestly, after doing GeaSaga on RPG Maker 95 anything else looks sooo advanced).

I can't finish without sincerely thanking Dyhalto-sempai for translating the help file and keeping alive the engine and those in the forums who provided many useful tips on now mostly buried posts. If you read this, know that this project has been possible thanks to all of you!

Of course, I would also like to thank everyone who's been supportive during all this time (unbeknownst to you guys, know that you've been my pillar when I was the most burned out!).

And to everyone else, thank you for reading this and have fun with the game, if you decide to ever give it a chance!