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Plot for this demo:

Finn wakes up finding himself lost in space. He hears someone talking to him, telling him that they can return Finn and his friends back home as long they defeat all the data versions of Finn and his friends. Can they complete this task?


In this demo, you can fight up to 6 unique boss battles. You can toggle hard mode for added challenge. Play time 1-2 hours. This game has 2 endings.

You will have 8 characters to play with. Build your team on what you think is best for the next battle. (3 party members max)



Finn uses his fists to fight. He's an all around character with decent health and damage.


Luster is a tanky and supportive character. He will make sure your team survive the toughest of battles.


The knife wielder Hassan. He can deal a lot of damage to finish off his enemies quickly.


Lars' attacks heals him. And he gets stronger the longer the battle lasts. Also he's good against buff/debuff heavy enemies.


Rico uses firearms and requires ammo to use them. He can deal a lot of damage as long he have enough ammo. If he runs out of ammo, he won't be very strong. He's good in stunning his enemies.


Sanzo has a unique gameplay that requires to press buttons at a certain time while he's doing a skill. succeeding will make that skill more powerful. Learning how to use Sanzo will pay off in the long run.


She's the typical support mage. But don't underestimate her damage. She can charge up to enable her to use very strong skills.


When's the last time you saw someone fight with a soccer ball? Well, Ahmed does.
He's the fastest character of all of them. And if he focuses... Nothing will hit him.

You can see all their ultimate skills here:

Can you win all the fights in Hard Mode?


If you find any bugs/typos please inform me,

Thanks :)

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