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NOTE: In this current build, I don't believe I fixed a certain collision bug from its original release. But it's nothing game-breaking, so mayhap it can be seen as a feature. :p

Here at SeeksSoft (formerly Scarlet Lion Studios), we strive for the quality games no one else will make. Or have asked for.

Have you ever had a desire to step into the shoes (or lack thereof) of a teenage hyena-girl? Do you seek to go on a hunt for tokens in a fantasy Chuck E Cheese's? Have we got the game for you! From the creator of deep and pretentious games as A Child Called Ash comes something less serious (mostly). Take on the role of a younger Nazreen and take on Suzy Q's challenge.

One way or another? Happy birthday to yeen!

"Happy Birthday To Yeen" is a game created in an event for RMN's 14th birthday. It is something of a scavenger hunt, looking around Suzy Q's Pizza and Galleria in search of tokens known as Minnie medals. Help a teen Nazreen search high and low across the map, talking to NPCs and investigating objects, to find all fourteen!

The game had to be completed in less than fourteen hours in-engine, and had to follow certain prompts. The ones fulfilled are:
* The phrase "Happy birthday, you filthy animal!"
* Your current favorite song ("A Reason to Fight", by Disturbed)
* The phrase "I will not beg RMN for pizza."
* Three different memes (kinda; two out of three, maybe?)
* Happy birthday song sung incorrectly
* 14 of something to find / collect

* Ksi Menu: Zale
* Font Size: Hytporsche
* Better Autoshadow Removal: Neonblack
* Window Opacity: Melkino

- The Mighty Pack: The Mighty Palm
- Battle sprite from Lucky Bestiary: LuckyCassette
- Animations: RPG Maker 2000 RTP, edited to NES colors (and by Illy, from RMN's Discord)

- A Reason To Fight MIDI: CerealKillerKaraoke, purchased from Gearfact
- SNES General MIDI Soundfont: dotsarecool
- SNES Style Music: Wingless-Seraph

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