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For a long time, the floating island has been a safe haven for harpies, protecting them from hostility and hatred. Now, after a thousand years have passed, the island threatens to fall from the sky, which would result in the extinction of all harpies. Lydia happens to be one of these harpies. The Eldest, Yasemin, sends her on an important mission: She must find the Crystal Light to recharge the Notos Artifact which keeps the island floating in the air. Wandering through the realm of Traventor, Lydia must face many dangers as harpies are hated and despised throughout the whole country.

Harpy Lady Lyd is a block puzzle adventure game where you score points by removing colored blocks. Combinations lead to higher scores. Put your skills to the test in 3 different game modes and unlock numerous perks and additional levels.

• Battle against up to 8 different enemies in Quick Game Mode and earn your place at the top of the leaderboard.
• Learn the story of Lydia and her tribe while you follow her on her journey through the realm of Traventor.
• Put your skills to the test in 12 unique levels and find the Crystal Light.
• ​Just wanna relax a bit and have a good time? Solo Mode is for you!
• Read through all the signs you encounter to learn everything about the history of Traventor.
• Unlock up to 10 lovingly designed wallpapers and view them in the ingame gallery at any time.

This game supports two languages (German and English).
Total Playtime: ~2 hours.

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