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Castle Greyrot is a party-based rogue-lite RPG with adventure and boss rush elements combined together. That means you'll get your typical rogue-like experience (Randomized stages, equipment, battle bending curses, brutal bosses), but you'll keep your loot, unique heroes and upgrades forever.

The Castle itself is full of mysteries, deadly traps, treasures and enemies. It is rumored that Castle Greyrot is a living being that changes its location every 10 years and corrupts its surroundings wherever it goes. It welcomes every guest adventurers and feeds on their souls.

As an experienced Commander, you are summoned to engage in a raid on Castle Greyrot.
With mercenaries on your side, you're about to venture to the Castle and destroy the unknown evil force within.

Class-based Tactical RPG
16 Classes to pick from. Starting with Cleric, Thief, Warrior and Wizard. Yes, our returning hero Time Mage is here as well. Setup your 3 party members to challenge the horrors of the Castle!
Unlockable Classes
By leveling your previous classes and gradually exploring the Castle you'll unlock 12 new classes that have a vast variety.
Each class comes with its unique skill sets and can help you with perks that uncover the secret of Castle Greyrot.
Randomness Everywhere
Alternative paths, events and bosses are part of the Castle. Let's pray that we are safe from DEADLY traps and arm chewing mimic chests!
Rogue-lite Experience
No perma-death, you can retry battles until you rage quit! Different setup and class combinations are always at your disposal.
Permanent Progression
Each time your party successfully returns from their boss-killing quests, you'll have a chance to boost your party's stats.
Non-linear Levelling
Grinding for experience? That's too old-school. We get rid of experience! Class goals are the new leveling system. Do the tasks and level up!
Castle Greyrot is all about boss battles, each stage has 2 to 3 boss battles. With over 50 bosses there are plenty of surprises waiting for you. Can you overcome the challenges?

The project started in October 2020 and I've no idea when it'll be completed.
Currently, Castle Greyrot's private demo has only 2 stages and fully implemented the basics of the game.
Controller support, keyboard support and mouse support are there as well.

Latest Blog

Demo Version is Up!

Hello everyone, it's been a while since my last update. I've been adding so much new stuff to the game, brainstorming, etc. Plus full-time work totally drains my energy. I can't believe that it's already been 1 and a half years of working on this project, time really flies fast.
So, I've created a demo version exclusive to RMN just before adding it to the Steam. The Demo version has 8 stages to beat, 4 of them are secret ;)

I wish everyone has a great year, also fun! Enjoy the demo!

Wishlist Castle Greyrot:

Oh, we got a new discord channel for my entire game library!

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Hello everyone! Since the page's wall is empty... I'll use this one as a pinned message.

You can join our discord channel to see the development process!

Until the upcoming demo, take care!
We released Castle Greyrot as Early Access on Steam!
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