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Mapdaptation is a mapping competition that ran from the beginning to the end of May 2021, in which participants had to create a map that was based on a real life image. There were a total of 12 official entries and 2 bonus entries, ranging from lighthouse islands to french resorts in Malaysia, a wide variety of interesting places to explore across the globe. Three judges scored the official entries across five categories. This page contains a collective download that has all entries, alongside the images they were based on.

Ranking & Overall Scores

#1 - Ikoru: 84.6% - View Feedback
#2 - Pudding: 82% - View Feedback
#3 - zaeran: 78% - View Feedback
#4 - CrazyBabi: 73.2% - View Feedback
#5 - Mirak: 71.2% - View Feedback
#6 - coelocanth: 69.2% - View Feedback
#7 - Fflo: 68% - View Feedback
#8 - Corfaisus: 66% - View Feedback
#9 - Mirin: 50% - View Feedback
#10 - MacShift: 39.2% - View Feedback
#11 - Backwads_Cowboy: 30% - View Feedback
#12 - KrimsonKatt: 26% - View Feedback

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I like tights! They're comfy and easy to wear!
Mine got last lol. Wow I suck. Mapping has always been my weakness. At least I tried though. And yes, the map is part of a larger narrative. An upgraded version of the map will be included in Gaiden Chronicles, a collection of short RPG stories set across time in my universe, so stay tuned for that I guess.
I like tights! They're comfy and easy to wear!
Also, no, there was no racism intended in my map. Literally no one is racist there except for Robinson, who is losely based on a abusive teacher I had in 6th grade who beat me and was extremely racist to white people because of terrible things that happened to him in the 60s. (he was really old) Literally no one there is racist, and no one is an "asshole." Yes, people talked a lot about politics, but that is due to the game taking place in the real world in 2035 in a timeline where political turmoil and discussion have become an inescapable part of everyone's lives due to the recent government takeover in America. In the full version it's also confirmed that the world that Elzakalas was transferred to was a mere simulation of a possible future in the real world as Barbello doesn't actually have the power to bring fictional beings into reality, so it technically isn't even our world, yet. We still have time to prevent the future shown in the game from coming true.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Hope you don't let it bring you down - the map had potential and we all start somewhere. If you take the feedback to heart I'm sure it'll help you do the best you can. And the map wasn't horrible by any means, we just ended up having a particularly strong roster.
I like tights! They're comfy and easy to wear!
@Frogge Yeah, I get that. I'm not the best at map making anyways. I mostly did this event just for fun. Map making is pretty much my weakest aspect, with my strongest one being coming up with ideas for game mechanics and writing/designing the world, story and characters. Though, I have gotten a lot better since my earlier games. Just this map wasn't my best work because I was hard to adapt things that weren't already in the RTP like the trampoline or the side-stairs.
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