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A meeting of dreams is a top down RPG, that spans across two worlds, the real world and the dream world. Humankind is in lockdown again, but this time from a new virus that causes everyone who becomes infected with it to fall into a coma. Those not affected are largely stuck at home with no end date and cry out once more for escape. The dream world offers this, but will it fulfil our needs or will it be even worse than the real world? What is this dream world, who/what created it?

It's up to you to find out!

A game with multiple endings, with your decisions affecting these and those around you.
An in-depth and fantastical storey.
Character customisation with skill trees.
Puzzles, traps and much more to explore, many secrets to find.
Epic music.
Tactical turn based combat, you need to think your way out of trouble.

Latest Blog

New demo released

Finally managed to get my ducks in a row so to speak and made the new demo, this time not half way through the game.

Play not only the prologue but most of the first chapter of the game too. This should hopefully leave you wanting for more.

  • Production
  • Commercial
  • HoleyMoleyAlex
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Puzzle RPG
  • 06/15/2021 03:59 PM
  • 01/31/2022 08:25 PM
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