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Rejection is a game about rejections. A simple easy theme than some other game known as Acceptance, do you know how hard is it to accept some things? Just learn to reject them.

Brought to you by the world's most shy doge, a rejection sequel to not only one, but three games:
Detective Waka
Awe vs Ozzy
Reject them.

If you never played those other three games, don't play them, there's no need to play them. Just play the best of the best.

This game is also clearly not made for RMN 14th Birthday game. Just reject the other games from it.

-About the best game ever-
Play as RMN's most renowned hero, OzzyTheFourteen and some other not-so-important characters such as Delsoon, Mirakulous and a simple Japanese dish, Wakame to save a Pudding from an evil being so that OzzyTheFourteen's game can be completed before the RMN Birthday commences.

Sure you can just buy another pudding from the store, but this pudding can help OzzyTheFourteen to make his game. Thus, it must be this certain pudding. Reject all other Pudding.

Reject trust. Everyone is sus, collect evidence and deduce the true evil that has kidnapped your pudding! Except maybe that tile of ocean that will give you spinach in exchange for pizzas. Maybe.

This game also does not feature any other RMN community member, no no. Why would you need anyone else apart from OzzyTheFourteen? Reject everyone, specially the statue in RMN park.

Reject the hide button.
Rejection - An RMN Birthday Game is a small, tiny game made within 14 hours for RMN's 14th Birthday that last around 10min or so. Featuring a bunch of rmn member and in-community burns and jokes and prompts that are required as from the event. The game also feature some simple(or maybe not) rpg turn based battle about music!

If you are new, it's all good! Some of the jokes inside may also apply to newcomers as well! Everyone is welcome and invited!

You'll also get to play an optional small minigame of finding pizzas for a spinach.
Stream warning: This game has a fair amount of copyrighted music so...yeah. ^^"

Latest Blog

Minor tweaks, rmners included and credits

RMNers included but not in game :< am sorry

RMNer totally not in game/title but still wanted to thank:

Minor tweaks
-Increase damage dealt for wakame's steal
-Fixed a path issue on Ozzythefourteen's room
-Added more interact-able stuff in Ozzythefourteen's room
-Buffed final boss a tiny little bit

Credits/RMNers that deserve more love for helping on this
-Calunio for the final boss art
-Oldpat for reasons
-OzzytheOne for breaking my game
-Liberty for streaming the game
-MIRAAKKK thank you ;-; for audio adjustment

Fellow friends, as usual please do inform me if you do not wish to be included in others. And thank you for being in my game.


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I'm a dog pirate
A fun little community game :D
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Didn’t play this myself but watched Libby stream it. The moment the Ocean image showed up I lost it. The bird and ending were great too xD
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Oh, it has a gamepage now! :D

Keep making great games Pudding, you've proven to have a good sense of comedy!
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
I love the makerscore cake :DDD
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