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In the mysterious world of Fifefer Island, players are transported to a place of economic adventure. To survive and thrive, learn new educational concepts and expand your abilities with a branching Tech Tree. A diverse host of characters and a variety of places to explore enriches each chapter and brings together gaming and studying.

Play now at https://fifeferisland.itch.io/
Watch an in-game trailer at https://youtu.be/v6wmkeXWNE8

Episode one introduces Terrena, a young indigenous woman who investigates eerie prisons, town uprisings and the merciless wilderness as she discovers the meaning of economic concepts, from allocation to opportunity cost. Terrena has a chance to battle the powerful Professor and she tests her knowledge of economics in order to return home and save her village from the havoc wreaked by illegal loggers and poachers. With mental energy, health, and utility depleting over time, players must make wise decisions and enhance problem-solving skills in order to succeed. Puzzles, battles, and quizzes are around every corner, and Terrena is guided by the helpful but elusive Mother Planet.

Mechanically, Fifefer Island is an educational spin on classic RPG adventures. A combat system constructed around answering increasingly challenging economics questions is accompanied by a familiar inventory system. Gameplay requires both dialogue discussion and NPC quest actions to proceed. There are a number of unique areas to collect resources from and explore, and Terrena must create tools, build her reputation through a popularity system, and use what she knows about economics to get what she needs from NPCs. Economic concepts are the building blocks for the game and events are guided and mostly linear to encourage learning those concepts to the best of the player’s ability, which means often, quests cannot be skipped or ignored. Advancements are made by learning new techs at “tech stones” and competing against enemies via a multiple choice answer mechanic. Terrena can build her skills in many areas including mining, farming, hunting, and more.

Our plans for the future of Fifefer Island extend far beyond Terrena’s story. A cast of seven unique player characters from all across the world will each demonstrate their own economic skills through gameplay and a compelling larger story. From analytical Jack to resourceful Terrena, the economic ideas being explored in Fifefer Island will encompass an entire college level Microeconomics course.

Survive, learn, grow, produce, consume, lead, and SAVE THE WORLD! Use economic concepts to make better choices in this epic role-playing game.

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